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Budget History. Up Close and Personal. Including All the Naughty Bits.

It’s one thing to say; “My budget and I, we go waaay back”, but how much do you really know about your budget’s past? I’m not talking about that one time they experimented with tags and financial account filtering back in college. I mean the real nitty gritty stuff, the budget’s historical performance.

We’re all a bit optimistic when we first set up the budgets. Yet the real trial of your budgeting resolve, comes when you see the results of past budget periods and decide what you’ll do about them. Sometimes your spending or the budgets just need a little re-adjustment, sometimes a whole new strategy is needed.

We’re introducing a much improved budget history graph to help you with that.

There’s been a budget history graph in Toshl for a while. You could just open any budget’s details and scroll all the way down. The budget history is still there, but the new graph tells you a lot more.

Before, you’d see how much you spent in total in any given month.

Now, you’ll see:

  • The budget amount for the month.
  • Total spending.
  • How much you went under or over your budget amount, clearly marked with red where you went over or the light grey area, showing how much space you have until the budget amount would be reached.

You’ll notice that monthly budgets feature a bit more info still:

  • Yearly sum of monthly budgets. In the case above, it’s a monthly category budget for food. The budget for the individual month in this case is 350 €. The budget history graph will now automatically project this for the full calendar year, showing the 4200 € yearly sum (350 € x 12) and also sum up your past monthly budget to see how much you’ve spent so far.

The budget details are already featured above the history. So the graph doesn’t show exact numbers by default, but you can easily dig into more detail. As with other graphs in Toshl, click and hold on the graph column to show the details for each column.

As with this yearly budget history, you can see exactly how much was spent in a particular period and how that compares with your budgeting goals.

Toshl adapts the graph scale based on the results, so you can see the differences in your budget’s performance between periods. Making those differences clearly visible, also means sometimes cutting off some outliers – columns with spending so far out of proportion with the rest of the periods, that they go over the graph’s scale. In those cases, you’ll see that as a dark red column being cut-off, to signify it goes over the graph’s scale.

See that dark red column above, going out? In the immortal words of Flight of the Conchords channelling Bowie; How far out are you man? I’m pretty far out man! Worry not, click on it and you’ll know exactly how far out that budget overspending really is. Though, I hope your bank account can handle what the graph’s scale can’t.

We’ve been gradually releasing this feature across the Toshl apps on the web, Android and iOS, so you might have already seen this in action. If not, make sure you’re updated to the latest app version, tap a budget and take a trip down the memory lane of your finances.

Okay, perhaps don’t take the memory lane all the way back to hunting-gathering times. You might want to focus on budget history after currencies were invented.

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Introducing Toshl for Android Without Play Services

If you have an Android device which does not support Google Play services, cannot access Google Play in your country or would simply like to download the Toshl app directly, you can get it here. The app is available for download as an APK file, just open it on your phone and install. You might need to confirm that you allow the installation of this app from an outside source.

Download the latest version of Toshl Finance for Android

Most of the app is the same as the version available through Google Play. However, some features which rely on Google Play services are excluded;

  • Adding locations to entries
  • Log in with Google
  • Upgrades to Toshl Pro or Medici using in-app purchases are disabled. You can however still upgrade on our website and your Android app will be upgraded as well, as long as you’re logged in with the same user account.

Popular devices without Play services

  • Huawei devices made after May 2019
  • Amazon Fire tablets

Countries where Google Play cannot be accessed

  • China

We’ve also added a more permanent page where you can always download the latest Toshl Android app APK without Play services. The linked APK file is updated with each new release that goes on Google Play, but with Play services excluded.

Once you’ve got the APK down, perhaps it’s time to down a beer as well?

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New Toshl Socks! Put Yourself and Your Finances on Firm Footing

We make handling your finances easier, but did you know we also make socks? Not just any kind, really nice, colourful socks that will liven up your summer attire. There’s also a somewhat toned down pair in grayscale that fits well with more formal pants, yet still includes the Toshl motifs.

Today, we’re adding a new sock design to the mix. Green, with blue fingerprint patterns and black white-columned spots. Check them out on the image below, but trust us, they look even better in person.

How do you get these socks, you ask? Upgrade to the 3-year Toshl Pro or Toshl Medici plan and we’ll send all three pairs your way. Consider this stylistic upgrade of your feet as another benefit of keeping your finances healthy and in order.

Excerpt from our pricing page below, click for more info. The 3-year plan with socks is only available on, as in-app purchases in the Toshl mobile apps don’t allow for shipping of physical goods.

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Sberbank and Toshl Partner up to Help People Get a Grasp on Their Finances

Seeing our finances clearly and planning ahead takes good tools. There’s just too much financial info to keep in your mind at all times, while still being able to enjoy life unburdened.

Helping people make better financial decisions is something Sberbank Slovenia and Toshl Finance have in common. So we’ve decided to partner up and offer our common customers better tools to control their finances.

2 years of Toshl Medici for free

Anyone with a Sberbank Slovenia personal bank account can connect it and get a free Toshl Medici membership that’s valid for 2 years. There’s an additional 50% discount on the next extension after that. Thus, helping to manage finances comes with an 80€ starting gift – the value of these services – to get started with managing finances better.

Sberbank and Toshl Finance partnership

Sberbank, Medici, activate!

But how? Easy, start with any Toshl account. It can be free, no previous upgrades needed. In the Toshl app go to Main menu / Bank connections. Make sure popular Slovenian banks are shown, or search for “Sberbank” with the Slovenian flag. Click on it.

Follow the steps to connect your bank account to Toshl. You’ll be redirected to Sberbank’s website to log in and confirm connecting with Toshl.

That’s it! Once you’re connected with Sberbank, your Toshl user account will be automatically upgraded with 2 years of the Toshl Medici membership.

More detailed instructions and info about the bank connections is available in the Frequently asked questions – Sberbank (in Slovene).

Fruitful collaboration

We’re thrilled that we can finally announce this collaboration with the Sberbank team and doubly so for what’s still ahead. Sberbank Slovenia is consistently rated as a trustworthy and reliable bank by its customers and one they’d recommend to their friends and family. The bank will also be celebrating 30 years of presence on the Slovenian market this year. A presence marked not only by quality banking services, but also social responsibility, including support for Slovenian sport teams in Nordic skiing (ski jumps and cross-country), volleyball and beach volley.

The Sberbank group globally has more than 98 million retail clients, 2,7 million corporate clients, 290 000 employees and 14 100 branches, building on a 180-year tradition of banking.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect your Sberbank account and feel that fresh air flow through your finances.

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Bank Connection News – May 2021

Which banks are new on Toshl? What’s updated, removed and what shitty. Here’s a summary of what’s been happening with the available financial institutions on Toshl, since we last posted updates in March.

New or re-added bank connections


  • Oberbank
  • UBS


  • Banque Transatlantique
  • Banque de Luxembourg 
  • CBP Quilvest


  • Pleo


  • Luminor


  • AXA Banque
  • Banque BCP
  • Banque Courtois
  • Banque Kolb
  • Banque Laydernier
  • Banque Nuger
  • Banque Populaire (with regional branches)
  • Banque Tarneaud
  • BBVA
  • BRED Banque Populaire
  • Caisse d’Epargne (with regional branches)
  • Crédit Coopératif
  • Crédit du Nord
  • Crédit Mutuel de Bretagne
  • Crédit Mutuel du Sud-Ouest
  • Max
  • Natixis Wealth Management France
  • Société de Banque Monaco
  • Société Marseillaise de Crédit
  • UBS


  • OP


  • WEG Bank
  • UBS


  • Takarék Bank
  • Erste Bank Hungary is a special case. While an API connection has been re-added to test, the bank is very unresponsive and slow in fixing their API connection. We’ve had to resort to re-enabling the older semi-automatic scraping connection under “Erste Netbank”. Erste Hungary remains on our Shitty Bank List.


  • UBS
  • Credem – Credito Emiliano Privati e Famiglie (Carte)
  • Banco di Credito P. Azzoaglio Corporate
  • Banco di Credito P. Azzoaglio


  • Luminor


  • Luminor


  • Banco Safra
  • Bankinter
  • Banque Transatlantique
  • Banque de Luxembourg
  • Banque de Patrimoines Prives
  • CBP Quilvest
  • DNB
  • East-West United Bank
  • Eurobank Private Bank
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
  • Julius Baer
  • POST Luxembourg
  • Raiffeisen
  • Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken 
  • Spuerkeess
  • UBS
  • Union Bancaire Privée


  • DNB 
  • Nordea Business
  • Nordea Corporate
  • Nordea
  • SEB


  • bunq


  • CEC Bank


  • UBS


  • SVEA Bank


  • ING Bank
  • ING Bank – Corporate

United Kingdom

  • Coutts ClearSpend
  • NatWest International 
  • NatWest International Online
  • Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited ClearSpend
  • Royal Bank of Scotland International Limited EQ
  • UBS

United States of America

  • Capital One (almost, pending) – the bank has not been available for connection for a while, due to past disagreements between our bank connection partner Plaid and the bank. They’re reached an agreement, we filled a bunch of paperwork and the connection is supposed to be available from April 30th onward with the authentication done on the bank’s website. However Plaid still has technical issues which prevent us from displaying and linking the new connection. We hope and expect  that this will be resolved shortly.
  • Many, many more banks and credit unions were added, some removed. The US have A LOT of smaller banking institutions like credit unions, so the changes to the list are too numerous to list here. Best to check searchable our bank connection list.

Removed connections


  • Capital One – Plaid had issues with the scraping type of connection of Capital One Canada for a long time, it was recently removed. We’re expecting the bank to be connectable under the new Capital One API connection, but are still experiencing some technical difficulties there. See under United States above.


  • UBI Banca – while the API connection was removed, scraping connections remain available. Likely due to API issues on the bank’s end.
  • UBI Banca (Carte)
  • UBI Banca Corporate
  • Enel X Corporate
  • Enel X
  • Igea Banca Corporate
  • Igea Banca
  • BCC di San Biagio Platani
  • BCC di Verona
  • BCC Trevigiano


Mexico enacted a new law, requiring location checking on bank log ins. A workaround was possible for most institutions, but problems remained with 2 banks. The Scotiabank connection was disabled. Our partners are continuing work on BBVA, but the viability remains in question. We hope that official bank APIs become a mandatory requirement in Mexico in the future to avoid such issues.

  • Scotiabank
  • BBVA Bancomer?


  • MobiasBanca

Shitty Bank list updates

We’re glad that we could remove Intesa Sanpaolo Italy from the shitty bank list. They’re resolved the API errors that have come up and we hope the connection remains in working order this time.

Unfortunately not all is well with the Intesa Sanpaolo group. We’re adding Privredna Banka Zagreb (PBZ), who is also a part of the Intesa Sanpaolo group. They have proven extremely unresponsive in resolving API issues an onboarding valid PSD2 licences. Intesa Sanpaolo Slovenia also continues to be unable to offer a stable API connection.

We’ve also added SKB and Sparkasse (Slovenia), Aqua Card and all Newday cards (UK). See why they’re shitty on the shitty bank list.

In conclusion

Overall, the connections are slowly but surely improving. We sure wish it was faster. Our bank connections partners at Salt Edge and Plaid take the brunt of the work here and we’re thankful for their efforts.

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