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The Missing Pieces in Apple’s In-App Payments System

The in-app purchases on iOS have evolved greatly, if not rapidly, over the years since Apple has introduced the option to pay from within iOS apps using their payment system. They’re available everywhere where the App Store is, subscriptions are now available for most apps, webhooks were added, reporting is better and the Apple fee now drops to 15 % after a customer is subscribed for 1 year. All good improvements, but a giant and glaring omission remains, making the user experience worse for customers and lives more difficult for developers. Further still, Apple doesn’t show any inclination to fix the situation and fill in the feature void:

It’s impossible for app developers to search, cancel or refund iOS in-app payments.


Why is this important? 

To provide a better service and user experience for our customers.

Refunds. Sometimes a customer just upgraded short while ago, but accidentally made a double purchase or had different expectations of the functionality. In such cases a customer would contact our support and request a refund. When this happens best we can do is to tell them to contact the App Store support, as we can’t authorise the refund ourselves. This can be a bit difficult to understand for some, as we’re the ones operating Toshl otherwise.

Cancellations API. Our apps are available on multiple platforms. Let’s say a customer previously used the Android app and subscribed through Google Play or used the web app and upgraded via PayPal. Then, the customer buys an iPhone and extends the Toshl Pro subscription using in-app purchase. In this case, we’d automatically cancel the previous subscription on Google Play or PayPal, so only the most recent subscription on iOS would remain going forward.

This isn’t possible in the other direction. If a customer first subscribes using an iOS in-app subscription, then upgrades via PayPal, we’re not able to cancel the existing subscription on iOS. Best we can do is to tell the person to follow these rather convoluted instructions to cancel the previous subscription on iOS.

Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to accidental double payments as the customer forgets to cancel the previous subscription manually. Logically, they’ll contact to our support, requesting a refund where we can again tell them only to request it from Apple’s App Store support, thus creating more ire and a user experience quickly approaching Kafkaesque territory.

Search. Sometimes, we need to look up a specific payment. Either we’re not sure if it was completed successfully, we’re investigating a potential double payment or testing something. There are many reasons why this would be useful and of course goes hand in hand with the ability to refund or cancel subscriptions as mentioned above. This isn’t possible with iOS payments. While some of the data could be checked via APIs, most can’t, there’s no graphic interface to check.

The lack of these crucial components is even more evident when comparing to the other payment methods that we use. All of the functions mentioned above are easily available on Google Play, PayPal and Adyen (our credit card processor).


Why isn’t Apple fixing this?

I can’t be sure, but other than the lack of time and focus on other areas, a few possible reasons come to mind. It could be that Apple is afraid of a loss of control here. But their refund policies with their own support are quite liberal as it is. Potential abuse of the refunds could quickly be algorithmically detected. Other payment providers can seem to make it work well.

Privacy could be a potential concern, but it need not be. We’re not asking for any card details of the customer, addresses and names can be hidden, as Google Play already does. What we need most is the unique ID of the transaction and the ability to search by it and email.

It is possible that the refund ratio of all purchases would go up slightly, but it’s doubtful it would do so significantly. In any case, it’s a better long term business practice to let your customer choose your product because they want it not because the cancellation process is so damn convoluted.


We’ve contacted Apple’s support regarding this, but all we got is a standard non-response:

“I do not have any information on whether this change is in the works. I can advise you that Apple does take your feedback very seriously. Many changes to our program have been implemented by feedback from our developers.”

I’m sure we’re not the only app developers, who face these problems and would greatly appreciate to see these issue sorted. If you agree, please share this article so we can get some improvements to happen.


We love Apple’s products and for the most part they make our lives easier, both on the user as well as the development part. This is why this feels so much more as a black spot on an otherwise great user experience record.


Apple we beseech thee, please help us make user experiences better for both your and our customers.


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Toshl Finance 2.0 is here

Today we launched Toshl 2.0 for iOS and the web app. It’s a major upgrade, in fact a rethink and rebuild of what we have been offering so far.


There are so many new features and improvements that it would be hard to list them all here. Most of them come from the feedback you, the users of Toshl have been giving us throughout this time, coupled with our vision of how we can help people improve their personal finances.

Among the features we’ve added are multiple financial accounts, adding of photos, locations, reminders, paid markers to expenses and incomes. We’re proud of our new data visualisations on Monthly overview, River flow, Budgets, Locations to name just a few. Budgets can now adjust automatically to your monthly incomes, the time periods for budgets can be completely customised and they play much nicer with other graphs.

We’ve introduced a much better structured system for categories, tags and accounts. We now suggest most of the categories and tags you’d ever need so you don’t have think up your own system if you don’t want to. But all of these are still fully customisable if that’s what rocks your boat.

Filtering by account, category, tags and locations is available across the web app and by accounts across the iOS app. Months and time spans in general are much simpler to navigate and offer more options than before.

Such major changes take some getting used to. We realise some of you will be unhappy with the changes, but we kindly ask you to give this new version a chance. Explore a bit, see what’s new and how some of the new things work.

In the following days we will be publishing a lot of tutorials to help with this task and explain all the functionality. Your feedback and questions will be crucial to help us improve the functionality as well as the discovery of it going forward.

We haven’t forgotten about our dear Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 (Android port) users. Sadly it was impossible to launch all the apps at once. We are continuing to build these apps and they will soon be making the transition to 2.0 functions and design as well. It’s difficult to say exactly when they will be available, but we plan to release them in the first half of 2016.

Such large changes can be troublesome and difficult to coordinate. Some transitional problems thus remain at the moment. Sync with the v1 apps does not yet travel in both directions, reset, delete account functions are unavailable and payment methods for Toshl Pro need to be greatly expanded. In some cases the migration of tags and budgets from v1 can be somewhat problematic as well. We will resolve these issues in the upcoming days.

If you encounter any problems or have questions about the new apps, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will do our utmost to help.

We are thrilled to have the new apps finally released. This is a new solid foundation we can build on and bring on improvements at much greater speed and quality than before. We can’t wait to see how the things we’ve built can help improve your lives and make personal finances a bit less scary and dare we say, fun?



Try the web app

Download the iOS app

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Quick update on the 2.0

We’ve been making constant improvements to the web app Beta as well as the general back end of the Toshl ecosystem and the mobile apps. Thank you to everyone that’s helping us with Beta testing. With your help we’ve discovered and fixed a bunch of bugs, as well as made some usability improvements.

The web app is now also translated into: English, Slovenian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and German. The latter two are not 100 % yet, but will be soon. Chinese, both simplified and traditional are on the way. If you speak any of these languages, please switch to it in the Settings and please let us know if you encounter a strange translation.

The iOS app is progressing well and is in internal testing, but we want to make sure we’ve covered everything before adding more test users.

We still need to do a bit more on the Toshl Pro payments side, fix some minor quirks, get all the tutorials ready, translations into the mobile apps… All in all it’s going well and the final release is not far off.

We’ve made the Beta web app more accessible. If you sign up now, you should get the invitation automatically in a few minutes.

Keep in mind that the Beta is meant for tablet and desktop screen sizes and above, mobile phones will be served by the native apps. Sync is also just one way with the beta at the moment. V1 -> Beta. That means that what you add in the current mobile apps will show up on the Beta, but not vice-versa.

Android and Windows Phone apps are also in the making, coming a bit later this year. Thank you for your patience.



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The Road to 2.0: Compatibility and Sync

With the new Toshl, we have rebuilt from the ground up. We’ve learnt a lot along the way and used this knowledge when constructing the next version of Toshl. This new modern architecture will enable us to do some really nice things in v2 as well as enable us to scale a lot better in the future.

Since the changes are quite radical, both in the user facing features as well as on the back end, we needed to pay a lot of attention to compatibility. To enable everything to work seamlessly together we brought parts of the old sync system to the new one, so people with either generation of the Toshl apps can continue to sync their devices just as they have before.

sync compatibility


Web App, iOS v2

You get the new app right away and can use and sync categories, accounts and all the new stuff. Everyone’s web app will be upgraded to v2, no matter which phone app they use.

Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry (BB10 Android port), iOS v1.x, older Toshl apps

Android and Windows Phone users will get the v2 of Toshl a bit later. We would love to do them all at once, but sadly it’s impossible for us to do so at this point. But don’t worry, you will still be able to use the sync as you did before, as well as use the brand new v2 Web App.
Here’s how it will work:
–     You sync your app normally just as you have before. If you don’t use the Web App, you won’t notice any changes.
–     The expenses that you added in the 1.x app will show up with category “unsorted” and the default financial account in the web app, since the 1.x apps only use tags. You can assign a category later in the web app if you want.
Added on Android Toshl v1.7
40 €
Tags: food, groceries
Shows up on Web App v2
40 €
Category: unsorted
Tags: food, groceries
Account: [the default one, most likely Cash]
–     The expenses that you added on the web app or the v2 iOS app will have the category and account displayed as a tag in the 1.x apps, but will remain as you entered it on the web app.
Added on Web App v2
30 €
Category: Home & Utilities
Tags: internet
Account: Bank of Lilliput
2 photos
Shows up on Android Toshl v1.7
30 €
Tags: Home & Utilities, internet, Bank of Lilliput
–     Your budgets will continue to sync normally. Only budget types that were supported in 1.x will sync to 1.x mobile devices. That means budgets for all expenses and specific tags. Budgets for categories will not be synced.
We’re sorry we can’t update all the apps at once, it doesn’t mean that we love some of the mobile platforms any less. It’s just a lot more complicated and time consuming to develop them all at once with such a major leap. The combination we chose is quite simply a good mix of a relatively large market share and simpler testing due to less device fragmentation on iOS.
We hope to develop the Toshl apps more in step once we return to our regular cycle of smaller and more frequent updates. We don’t have a date planned yet for Android and Windows Phone, but they will be coming. We’ll let you know once we can share more.
If you have any further questions regarding the compatibility, let us know and we’ll try to fill in the additional information.
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The Road to 2.0: Toshl Pro and Pricing

With Toshl 2.0 we will be enhancing a lot of existing features, adding some new ones and generally making things nicer. So the question we get asked a lot is, “How much more will this cost?”

The answer is, “It won’t”. Our pricing plans for the Toshl Pro subscription will stay mostly as they are now:

1 month – $1.99

1 year – $19.99

3 years and the T-shirt – $59.99

As you can see the only change is with the 3 year plan, which is a little bit more expensive. We’re making swanky new designs for the T-shirts, with even better materials, T-shirt models for women and we hope to speed up the delivery in the future as well.


The discount system will remain in place as well, 5% discount for sharing on Twitter, 5% for Facebook and we’re adding 5% for Google+. Post on either two of those and it becomes a 20% discount.

What about existing Toshl Pro users?

Things will stay as they are, you will still have Toshl Pro and you’ll simply get apps with way better functionality once we release the new version. You already have Toshl Pro, so there will be no additional upgrade pricing. Thank you for your trust and patience!

Payment methods

We will keep the payment methods we have and add a bunch of new ones as well. You will still be able to upgrade with the in-app purchases on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. On the website we’ll continue to offer upgrades with credit cards and PayPal but with a friendlier interface for the former. We’ll also be adding AliPay, TenPay, bank transfers in the European Union countries, Amazon Payments, Paysafe card, UnionPay and, of course, Bitcoins.

Which new features will be in Toshl Pro?

Now you wouldn’t want to ruin a surprise, would you? ;)
Generally, some of the new things will be payable, some will be free right from the start and we will make some of the previous Pro features free as well. In general, both the free and Toshl Pro members will be a lot better off.
But most importantly, we’ll continue to strive to make Toshl Pro…
… more awesome than lightsaber wielding ninjas on unicorns!
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