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Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

we’ve come to talk with you again.

Darkness can be a a force for good. It can obscure the less relevant and make the vital glow even brighter.

We’re adding a dark mode for all Toshl Finance apps, Android, iOS as well as the web.

Why dark mode? It’s easy on the eye. Both from the aesthetic point of view, as well as reducing strain on the eyes during nighttime.

For those with OLED screens on your device, it can also help reduce battery usage a little bit, as blacks take less energy to display than bright colours.

Tutto automatico. Last time we checked, switching from night to day and vice versa, doesn’t require tinkering in your life’s ambient settings. Neither should your phone. You can set the appearance of the app to switch automatically based on the time of day. This will use your device’s settings to determine the correct time to switch.

  • iOS – switches based on time of sunrise and sunset at your location.
  • Android – depends a bit on variation of the OS, but switching based on set times is usually available.
  • Web – to switch automatically, your web browser needs to support the feature, but latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers will handle this well.

In short, Toshl appearance set to automatic will mimic the setting of your operating system and adjust accordingly.

Some might prefer to keep it all light or all dark, all the time. No worries, you can set it that way as well. You can set this in Toshl main menu / Settings / Appearance.

Toshl monsters finally get some shut-eye. You know about these odd creatures living inside the apps, right? Some have been here since renaissance times. Now imagine existing with lights-on, ALL the time. Dark mode might help take the edge off a bit. As long as it doesn’t blunt their edgy humour, we’re very happy for them.

The feature is available for all Toshl membership levels, free, Toshl Pro and Toshl Medici. As always, you can get the latest features by updating the app to the latest version in the App Store or Google Play. The web app is always the latest.

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Tracking Travel Finances – MissBeHelpful’s Journey to Barcelona

With great travel comes great responsibility. That’s not exactly how the original phrase goes, but we’re using our artistic license here to make a point. Getting your finances in order ahead of and during travel, is essential to keeping your leisure time enjoyable and stress-free. The financial part can even be fun if you do it the right way. I.e. by using the Toshl Finance apps, of course. 😉😊

To explore how tracking your finances works on a trip, we partnered with Yanely, better known as MissBeHelpful on YouTube.

She made some really great videos with her first-hand accounts both of her experiences of traveling in Barcelona, as well as her finance tracking with Toshl during that time. Check out the videos, as well as some extra questions we asked Yanely below.



How did you first come upon the Toshl app?

I was a teacher fresh out of college and really struggling to manage my credit card debt which was almost $20k in total! I had way too many unnecessary expenses at that time and I definitely wasn’t budgeting, so I google searched budgeting apps and I read a few articles. I downloaded a couple of different apps and I remember thinking that Toshl was one of the easiest ones to use. (I was also glad it was free because I was broke.)


What did you like the most about it?

I liked that I was able to get started in no time! I literally had a budget with a spending/saving goal in a matter of minutes. I loved the visuals, the fun little monster and the notifications reminding me to enter my expenses before bed. As with all budgets, if you don’t use it consistently, it really won’t work for you. The reminders helped me stay consistent and keep the budget up to date.


Are you using it on Android or iOS phone?

I use it on my iPhone 7.


Did you try the Medici premium plan?

I tried Medici premium for a month since I was traveling for the summer and I figured it would be best to have everything in one place. When I started out I was in a lot of debt, so paying for an app wasn’t high on my list of priorities, and I don’t recommend paying for apps when you’re still in debt. But now that I’m debt-free and I have a nerdy passion for personal finance I’m a lot more willing to invest in apps and services that I know will help me reach my goals.



Who would you recommend the Toshl app to?

It’s definitely great for new budgeters who want a simple and quick way to get started. I work with a lot of HS and college students who use mostly cash and debit cards to make transactions, so I recommend the app to them. Also, people who aren’t interested in budgeting tools that have strict rules which you need to follow to the T. There’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to how you use the app which is great – you can choose as many categories as you want for an expense and you can decide if you want to budget by category or by a certain time frame.


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Songs About Money That Deserve a Spot on Your Playlist

Personal finances don’t inspire just bankers, pirates and mobile app developers. Sometimes, they inspire songwriters too! So put down those financial reports, loosen your tie, and shake that money maker to a couple of tunes the Toshl monster has selected for you.

Who knows, maybe some of these songs about money will make it onto your personal playlists. From there, you’re only a stream of subconsciousness away from becoming the king of budgeting.

Those crunchy G major chords are especially delicious.


Dire Straits – Money For Nothing


Bakenaked Ladies – If I Had $1000000


Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars


The Beatles – Can’t Buy Me Love


The Notorious B.I.G. – Mo Money Mo Problems


Abba – Money, Money, Money


AC/DC – Moneytalks


Kenny Rogers – The Gambler


Willie Nelson – If You’ve Got The Money I’ve Got The Time


Everclear – I Will Buy You A New Life


Janis Joplin – Mercedes Benz


Michael Jackson – Money


Dolly Parton – 9 to 5


The Beatles – Taxman


Puff Daddy – It’s All About The Benjamins


Common – Chapter 13


Matt Giovanisci – All My Money


Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)


The Streets – It Was Supposed To Be Easy


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Thrift shop




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Socks for Posts!

UPDATE: We have concluded the promotion, so we’ll no longer be accepting posts for socks. Thank you to everyone who participated!


I know, the title sounds a bit strange, but it’s true.

I’ll be frank. We, the Toshl team, would love to hear about your experiences with Toshl. We’d love it even more if you shared those experiences with your friends. Especially the positive ones. ;)

Did Toshl help you save money? Did you realise something about your spending that you didn’t know before? Did any of those rascals, the Toshl monsters, make you laugh? We want to hear it.

So, we’re offering a special promotion.

Write about Toshl, post it to your favourite social network or blog and we’ll send you a few pairs of our brand new Toshl socks!


Toshl socks all three

The post should be at least a few sentences about your experience with the Toshl apps. It should be published publicly and contain a link to

The social network account should have at least 100 followers or friends. This is just to make sure people won’t be making new fake profiles just to get the socks. Generally, if the post is legit we’ll send you the socks right away.

Once you publish the post, please send us the link of the post to with your shipping address and the size of the socks you’d like.

Check out the sock sizes and details.

We’re looking forward to reading your experiences and to making your feet dressed funkier than ever! :)


Co-founder & CEO, Toshl

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WalletGear 2.0 – using Toshl on your wrist just got even better

At the end of October last year we wrote about WalletGear, an unofficial Toshl app made for Samsung Gear smartwatches by Anton Udal’yev. We’re very to happy to hear that he made a major upgrade to the app, so managing your finances from your wrist just got a lot better.

Here’s everything that’s new in Wallet Gear 2.0:
  • New icon
  • New UI
  • Every tab has its own colour: red for expenses, green for incomes, blue for budget
  • New description form for Gear S
  • Budget support. When you add it, all budgets are synced with server and then all calculations are going on watch: when you add expense or budget next date coming
  • Incomes support
  • You can see expenses and incomes for last month, older are removed automatically to reduce memory usage
  • Minimized traffic
  • Expenses, incomes and budgets are stored in watch memory
  • When you add something like expense it appears in list and watch performs all needed calculations without loading from server
  • Tags are syncs one time on first launch and stores on watch. You can sync it manually if you need from menu when picking tags.
  • Tags selector have index bar to allow you select it quickly
  • Currency support. You can pick it when adding expense or income.
  • Currency rate support. You should input it manually.
  • Incomes and expenses are grouped by date with number of items in this category. When you click it you can see details with currency operation was done
  • When connection to phone lost, watch automatically reconnect and complete operation. No more annoying “connection to device lost” with tapping again.
Also check out the original Wallet Gear 1.0 blog post.
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