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1 Million Strong

Toshl monsters are rejoicing, racing go-karts all around the place, while some of them hang from the chandelier clinking champagne bottles. More than one million people have registered on Toshl Finance so far and the number keeps climbing up quickly!

1 million users

Take a good look at the cake and you’ll see ¬†which mobile platforms people on Toshl use the most. Layers of the cake represent the share of a mobile platform with Toshl users.

We’re incredibly grateful for your support. We’ll keep on doing our best to improve your finances. Great new developments are already afoot in the Toshl Labs. We’ll keep it mostly under wraps for now but, let’s just say that those with a receipt documenting passion and bank account promiscuity won’t be left wanting.

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Infographic: Biggest Earners and Spenders in 2012

2012 is coming to an end. To mark this momentous occasion, we’ve decided to make an infographic showing some interesting statistics about how people around the world handle their money. What’s more, we’ve also come to the bottom of the question who earns and spends more money – iPhone users or Android users?

We’ve also made it worth your while to help us share our quirky infographic. All of those who haven’t upgraded yet, can get Toshl Pro for free by sharing the infographic on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Check out the Toshl Finance Infographic:
Biggest Earners and Spenders in 2012

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