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Track all your cards and cash in one place.

Connect your financial accounts,
or enter expenses using our
quick and slick Toshl apps.
Toshl helps you with the financial means.
So you can focus on the goals.



to enter the web app. Or sign up with email.

2.Download the mobile app

What you add to Toshl on one device, shows up on others too.

3.Set yourself a goal

Start by making an emergency fund. Just in case.
Then, you can focus on the big stuff.
Retire in 5 years? Your own flat? That's up to you.

4.Stay in control with a budget

Add a budget to make sure you can save some money each month.
Toshl will tell you how much you have "Left to spend" while sticking to your budget and saving goals.

Tutorial: How to set up your budgets


Food, bills, penguins. Whatever.
Two ways to track expenses and incomes:
Toshl connects with your bank, credit card, PayPal etc. Pay with card, expense gets saved in Toshl. Categorised and all. This works with 13062 banks and financial services around the world.
Enter it in the app. Quickly. A basic expense is just 4 taps: Amount, next, category, save. Bam! Done.

6.Meet your goal

Optimize spending by showing where you spend more than you think.
Nudge when you approach budget limits.
Remind of upcoming bills.
Make it fun. Why so serious? Toshl monsters are there to make finance more fun, less drab.

What's the catch? How does Toshl make money?

Basic Toshl is completely free.
Toshl Pro offers in-depth features in the apps, more budgets and financial accounts.
Toshl Medici enables automatic connections with banks and credit cards. Plus everything in Toshl Pro.
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Toshl Finance apps for mobile phones

Toshl Finance Web App for Tablets

Open toshl.com in the web browser on a tablet device and log in. Then save it as a bookmark to your home screen.
Try it out!

Toshl Finance Web App on the Big Screen

Toshl Finance really shines when you're behind your laptop or desktop computer. With all the extra screen space, graphs get even clearer and you see further into your future.

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