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Improved Detection of ATM Withdrawals

Let’s say you withdraw cash from your bank account at your local ATM*.

If you have that bank account connected to Toshl, the expense for that withdrawal will be imported automatically.

However, an ATM withdrawal isn’t really an expense for you, is it? It should really be a transfer from your bank account to the Cash account. You still own that money, just in a different form.

Before, you had to click on that ATM withdrawal expense, click Make transfer and link it to the Cash account where it ended up.

Now, that whole process is done automatically. Toshl will detect that the expense is an ATM withdrawal and automatically save it as a transfer to Cash.

This way, it will already be noted correctly, no adjustments needed.

We worked with many scenarios and data to predict such cases. As banks report this in many different ways and your wallet for cash doesn’t say much at all, it could be that we missed one or two. If you still find an ATM withdrawal on a connected account, which wasn’t made into a transfer automatically, please let us know. Send the details of the transaction to and we’ll make adjustments to make sure they get detected in the future.

*By ATM we of course mean an Automated Teller Machine, bankomat, geldautomatc, cajero automático or however you call it locally. If your mind automatically went elsewhere, get it out of the gutter, then come back. 😉

I “love it” how banks have everything, “on record”.
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Log In with Apple Now Available

You can now log in with Apple ID in all the Toshl apps. Or “Sign in with Apple“, if you prefer to phrase it exactly as Apple does.

Apart from logging in or signing up, you can also confirm major decisions in the apps which require a password confirmation, like deleting a financial account with data, resetting your user account and similar.

It also enables some much smoother ways to log in with the right combination of devices. For example, if you want to log in on, use the Safari web browser and have a Mac with a fingerprint reader (Touch ID), Toshl will now ask you for your fingerprint to log in. Feels pretty cool to log into a website like that, especially when you try it for the first time.

This option comes in addition to the already available identification with your Toshl account email and password, Google and Facebook log ins. If you use the same email address on all these services, you can connect multiple log in options to the same Toshl account.

These improvements are already available on and in the latest versions of our mobile apps on iOS (3.3.10) and Android (3.4.0).

We’ve also made some major improvements to the experience of Toshl mobile apps for new users. Finding out what Toshl has to offer, as well as making the first starting steps should now be a lot smoother and easier.

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Quicker Add Transfer and Wide-Screen Web App Improvements

Couple of quick web app updates:

  • In addition to smaller bug fixes, the web app can now display categories and expenses side-by-side when viewed on wider screens. It will adjust automatically when the web browser window is wide enough.
  • When you hover over the + button to add an entry, the options to add a transfer or income show up on the sides. As always, you can also switch between them once the Add form is already open, by clicking on the Add expense title on top. In any case, it should make adding entries quicker and transfers easier to discover in the beginning.
  • If there are any errors or warnings to display, they’ll now be much clearer in a red frame next to the affected field.

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Toshl Finance App Updates

Updates on updates!

Here’s just some of the stuff we’ve been up to in the past few weeks:

Web App:
– switching between expenses, incomes and transfers now preserves amounts and other properties
– nicer time span switcher
– little coloured indicators for last edited expense on list
– monthly all/category budgets are now summarised on River Flow as well
– fixed sorting of suggested tags, better reflects frequency of use now

– fixed search by amount with decimals
– fixed River flow look on some screen sizes
– Google Play subscription system updates
– crash fixes

A lot of fixes related to iOS 13 release:
– passcode lock again full screen
– Facebook log in fix
– graphic stuff like new tabs, dark mode related glitches
– crash fixes

Bank connections
– PSD2, don’t even get us started, more details on this soon.
TransferWise now available. 
– If you’d like to connect and help us test Monzo, please contact us on

And a bunch of other smaller fixes on all platforms.

While these are mostly maintenance fixes and minor improvements, we’re continuing work on larger projects, coming later this year.

With so much hammer, one might ask themselves, where’s the sickle?
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We Are NOT Giving Out Movie Tickets in Singapore

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. Or Singaporeans bearing free movie tickets in this case. The fact that we won’t buy you a free movie ticket usually goes without saying. However we’ve been getting reports that people purporting to be representatives of Toshl Finance have been offering movie tickets in Singapore’s Suntec shopping centre in exchange for phone numbers.

We do not have ANY official representatives in Singapore and are NOT running any such promotion.

Please disregard such offers and DO NOT give them any personal information. We are not yet aware of their full intentions, but since they are abusing our good name without any authorisation, it’s possible something nefarious might be at play here.

If you have been approached by these people or can offer any additional information about this, please contact us on

This is how an official Toshl stranger with candy would look like. The ones mentioned in the text above are not official in any way.
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