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How to Add Expenses Straight From Your Lock Screen and Avoid Being Eaten by Wild Boars (iOS)

Do you know that feeling of being chased around a thick forest by a wild boar? You run as quickly as you can, heart pumping at maximum, sweat pouring down your face. But, no matter how hard you try, you still cannot escape the thumping of his small, yet surprisingly swift feet, the sound of his loud breathing as he catches up, to sink his sharp teeth into your…
Well, ok, maybe you don’t know the feeling of that exact situation.
Consider for a second though, that moment when you’re at the grocery store cash register, trying to pack all the food into the bags before the cashier hands you the receipt and gives you the evil eye for being so damn slow. It’s the next closest thing to the wild boar situation.
If you’re a thrill seeker like me, you’ll try to up the game and add the grocery expense to Toshl just after handing the cashier the credit card and before getting the bill back. It’s doable: amount, category, tag, save aaand you’re done. The tricky part is unlocking the phone, finding the Toshl app, tapping on Add expense, then doing the actual adding. There is a solution!

The add entry widget on the Today screen (Notification center).

Screenshot Toshl add expense widget
1. Hold up your iPhone, activate the screen and swipe from the top edge.
2. Tap the big red + button.
3. Toshl opens with Add expense all ready, just waiting for you to enter the amount.
The same also works for incomes and transactions between financial accounts. Just tap the green + button for incomes and the grey + button for transactions.

How to set up the Toshl widget?


1. Swipe form the top edge of the screen to open the Today screen.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Today screen and tap the Edit button.

3. Find Toshl in the list of the apps and tap the green + button next to it, to include it on the Today screen.

4. Use the 3 lines icon on the right to drag it to the top (if your heart so desires).

5. Tap Done.Screenshot edit Today screen in iOS Notification center

Next time you open the Today screen, the 3 Toshl add buttons for expenses, incomes and transactions will be available for quick use.
In case you can’t activate the Today screen while the phone is locked, but would like to, make sure you have that option enabled in the iOS settings.
This feature is available from the version 2.0.6 of the Toshl Finance iOS app onwards.
Toshl monster hunter with dog
Happy grocery hunting!
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Transactions Improved. Repeats, Descriptions and Reminders Added.

We’re constantly improving the Toshl apps, so here’s a little something we’ve improved on lately: we have added new options to transactions between financial accounts.
Automatic repeats
The transactions can now be set to repeat automatically, with the same options as with expenses and incomes. They can repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, on weekdays or weekend days. You can even add a custom repeating period. That way, the transaction can repeat every x weeks, every y months… However you like. The repeats can go on forever until you stop them, stop at a certain date, or stop after a set number of repetitions were made.
If you’re making the transaction yourself, you’ll probably need to be reminded to do so. You can set up Toshl to remind you before the transaction is due, on the day, or pretty much any time you like. Even if the transaction is done automatically, a reminder on the day might still be useful, so your conscious of the transaction and can make sure your account balance doesn’t dip into negative territory.
Pretty straightforward really. If you’d like to add more information on what this transaction between accounts was about, just add the description for future reference. If not remembering your financial transactions is only a part of a larger memory problem, using reminders in combination with a Ginkgo biloba tree extract might be a more thorough solution. ;)
Screenshot of repeat transaction on iOS
Add a repeating transaction in the Toshl Finance iOS app
Screenshot of add a repeating transaction on web app
Add a repeating transaction in the web app on
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How to Track Loans, Repay Debts and Deal with Your Friendly Neighbourhood Loanshark (Web App)

Toshl_2.0_monster_0057_58We have almost certainly all been there at some point – borrowing money, launder loaning money, forgetting about loans, etc. Be it a small amount for drinks, because you forgot your wallet, or a bigger sum because you chose to buy something expensive that you obviously really, really, really needed.

So, how to go about tracking and dealing with the dynamics of loaning and borrowing money? Fear not, for Toshl is here for you again, not in the money loaning business though, but in the business of helping to track loans and debts – or simply Hilfespurverleihenborgengeschäft, as the Germans would put it.


Track major debt repayments

Let’s say I want to buy a new Ferarri for $3200, but I am just $3100 short for it. What do I do? I go to a guy* I heard you can get a loan from, that hangs out behind the parking garage in the shady part of town every other night (because he has kids). I ask him for a donation towards my cause and after a few laughs, I promise I would pay him back in ten months with $1900 interest. I get the money, and now I have to settle the $5000 debt in ten months, which makes for $500 per month. Because I use Toshl, the best loan app around, I know this will be a piece of cake and I will not get my legs broken in the process.


1. Add income marking the received loan

I put the $3100 in Toshl as an income, category ‘Loans’, account ‘Cash’, plus I put ‘Drago’ in the description – which is supposedly the guy’s name and also means ‘expensive’ in some languages. Just so I can be precise when I tell my grandchildren about my first Ferrari.


Ok, we got the money, we got the income from the loan marked, now to go about tracking the debt.


2. Add a new account to track the repayment of debt

I make a new account for the debt, called ‘Drago’ and set up the initial balance as ‘-$5000’ which is the total amount of the debt, including the interest.


3. Add transactions to note the debt repayments

To note the repayments as I return the money to Drago in monthly instalments, I make a transaction of $500 from account ‘Cash’ to account ‘Drago’, date it on the day of the first payment, set it up to repeat every month for ten months and set up reminders for it. Now I will be reminded to take the $500 to him every month, and the ‘Drago’ account will get out of red numbers over the ten months.


That’s it!


Track smaller loans to friends

Let’s take a look at another, simpler case. Let’s say I lend $4.99 to a fellow car enthusiast for a little 1:100 plastic Ferrari model.


1. Note the loan as an expense

I give him the money, put it in Toshl as expense, category ‘Loans’, account ‘Cash’.

If this is a one-off loan, I can put the guy’s name in description. If I lend to this guy often, I could also put his name in a new tag on the expense. That way I can easily sum up everything he owes me.


2. Note the loan repayment as an income

When he pays me back after seven and a half months, I just enter it as an income with appropriate tags, etc. This way I can always track borrowing and loaning entries.

Alternatively, I could just erase the loan expense, but that wouldn’t give me any insight on the loan later on.

add_inc2Note the screenshot from the future

Bob’s your uncle! Use whichever method works best for you or be creative and invent your own system. That’s it for now from our secret volcano base, ta ta!


*Toshl does not recommend taking loans from random guys behind the parking garage, nor can we provide phone numbers of any specific guys providing such loans. A bank would probably still be a better bet, although their moral compasses might not be in much better shape, compared to the guy behind the parking garage.
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Hint: Swiping From The Edge Is Better Than Living on It


Our phones’ screens grow larger, yet our thumbs stay the same. How do we then reach the main menu button or the time span and accounts button on the top of the screen?

Worry not. You can easily swipe from anywhere along the left edge of the screen toward right. This will open the main navigation menu.

The same works on the right edge of the screen. Swipe with your finger from anywhere on the rightmost edge of the screen toward left and the accounts and time span sidebar will open. When done, you can simply swipe them back in the opposite direction.

This can make your use of Toshl a lot quicker and more comfortable for your thumbs.

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Easier Upgrades to Toshl Pro with AliPay, Qiwi Wallet, UnionPay, PaySafeCard…

Toshl Pro is an upgrade to the free Toshl which enables many nifty features like adding receipt photos to your expenses and incomes, multiple financial accounts, use of more than 2 budgets and some upcoming top secret features which Toshl monsters are still hiding jealously in their labs.

More information on Toshl Pro

Upgrade to Toshl Pro here


While Toshl Pro has been around for a while, enables us to pay the bills and keep developing the Toshl services, we’ve recently made some updates to how you can get it.

Until now, you could upgrade using in-app purchases on Android, iOS and Windows Phone and on our website with major international credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB…) and PayPal.

With our latest update in Toshl Pro upgrades, we’ve added some payment options which make upgrading a lot easier in countries where credit cards list above aren’t exactly in everyone’s pocket.

You can now also upgrade to Toshl Pro with:AliPay, IBAN, Maestro card, Paysafecard, Qiwi Wallet, SafetyPay, SEPA Direct Debit, UnionPayAliPay – our most popular payment method in China

International bank transfer (IBAN) – for all the old school banking fans. To be honest, this one might be a bit pricey, depending on how much your bank charges for such transfers.

Maestro cards – debit cards most used in European countries. MasterCard’s debit brother.

Paysafecard – one of the greatest advantages of Paysafecard is that you can simply buy these cards loaded with credit in local stores all around the world with cash.

Qiwi Wallet – very popular payment method in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan…

SafetyPay – in Latin America and elsewhere

SEPA Direct Debit – payment that can draw from bank accounts in the European Union.

UnionPay – Chinese credit card standard


If you don’t see one of these payment methods on the list when upgrading to Pro, make sure you have your country selected in the Settings, as some payment methods are only available in certain countries.

If you have any questions regrading upgrading to Toshl Pro, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Toshl support, we’ll be happy to help.

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