Apps That Connect with Toshl: CSV importer

You can use, analyse and add your data to Toshl in many ways. But there will always be new ideas and ways in which you can expand the usefulness of your data. We, the Toshl team, focus on developing the core of the user experience and what will bring most benefit to the most people using Toshl. But we also provide the tools for developers so anyone can do other wonderful things with the data they have in Toshl. Continue reading

Download Toshl 1.7 for Symbian

No need to check the year on the calendar, you read that title correctly. It’s not a new version, but because Nokia has shut down the Ovi Store where applications for Symbian could be downloaded and there are still some users missing this app on Symbian we are now simply offering the original Toshl for Symbian as a download from our blog here. Continue reading

How To Be Smarter Than Monkeys About Personal Finance

I know, the title sounds silly. You’re probably thinking: “Of course I’m smarter than monkeys, I have a savings account and abstract currencies and Apple Pay on my watch and….” That’s all true, these are all things that monkeys don’t use. At least the ones I know. But in some ways we still default to our basic and dreadfully wrong primate instincts when dealing with money. It’s vital that we acknowledge those predispositions and learn to overcome them. Continue reading