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Toshl Finance 2.0 for Android

Today is the day! We have released Toshl Finance 2.0 for Android phones. It’s a huge update. The new app brings many new features and improvements. In fact, we’ve redesigned and rebuilt it from the ground up.


The first thing you’ll notice is the new visual style. While keeping with the Toshl aesthetic, it also blends much better with the newer Android OS style updates and feels like a genuine member of the Android ecosystem.

Among the features we’ve added are multiple financial accounts, adding of photos, locations, reminders, paid markers to expenses and incomes. We’re proud of our new data visualisations on Monthly overview, River flow, Budgets, Locations to name just a few. Budgets can now adjust automatically to your monthly incomes, the time periods for budgets can be completely customised and they play much nicer with other graphs.



You can add transactions between financial accounts, use a calculator for tips when adding an expense, sync works much better and faster… All the new improvements are truly too many to list, so better than reading this list, go and download the new Android app on Google Play.Get it on Google PlayWe have also introduced a much better structured system for categories, tags and accounts. We now suggest most of the categories and tags you’d ever need so you don’t have think up your own system if you don’t want to. But all of these are still fully customisable, if that’s what rocks your boat.

android_release3_540If you haven’t yet migrated your tags to the new system of categories and tags you can do so now. The migration wizard will start automatically when you open the mobile app after it has been updated to the new version. Keep in mind that you can also continue this migration or edit your categories at any time on the web app on in Expenses / Edit categories and tags. A few more options are available when editing on the web app.


With all the new features and improvements, it can take a little while to get used to everything and discover all the nifty new details. To help you with your exploration, we have prepared a whole set of tutorials to guide you.


Mobile app tutorials


Web app tutorials


Top 3 to get started

How to Set Up Your Finances

How to Set Up Your Budgets and Control Your Spending

Left to Spend – The Gist of Your Finances in 1 Number

*While the screenshots in the tutorials currently feature the iOS app, the functions work just the same and the interface is very similar. We’ll be adding many new tutorials with Android screenshots in the coming months as well.


In case some questions still go unanswered in the tutorials, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in the Toshl Beta community  who helped us Beta test the app in these final stages!

With the new 2.0 app we now have a new foundation to build on and will be able to add new features and improvements to the app more frequently than in the past. We have much in our plans and we’re already looking forward to the next steps on our Android roadmap.



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Socks for Posts!

UPDATE: We have concluded the promotion, so we’ll no longer be accepting posts for socks. Thank you to everyone who participated!


I know, the title sounds a bit strange, but it’s true.

I’ll be frank. We, the Toshl team, would love to hear about your experiences with Toshl. We’d love it even more if you shared those experiences with your friends. Especially the positive ones. ;)

Did Toshl help you save money? Did you realise something about your spending that you didn’t know before? Did any of those rascals, the Toshl monsters, make you laugh? We want to hear it.

So, we’re offering a special promotion.

Write about Toshl, post it to your favourite social network or blog and we’ll send you a few pairs of our brand new Toshl socks!


Toshl socks all three

The post should be at least a few sentences about your experience with the Toshl apps. It should be published publicly and contain a link to

The social network account should have at least 100 followers or friends. This is just to make sure people won’t be making new fake profiles just to get the socks. Generally, if the post is legit we’ll send you the socks right away.

Once you publish the post, please send us the link of the post to with your shipping address and the size of the socks you’d like.

Check out the sock sizes and details.

We’re looking forward to reading your experiences and to making your feet dressed funkier than ever! :)


Co-founder & CEO, Toshl

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Filtering Your Financial Data and Making Needles Easier to Find Than Haystacks (iOS)

We have a bunch of filtering options available in Toshl. Let’s take a look at filtering by account in Toshl iOS app.


Accounts and time span can be accessed by swiping from the right edge of the screen or tapping the time span in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Like so:


Filtering by account

You can enable or disable displaying specific accounts and the entries tied to them. By default ‘All accounts’ are displayed, meaning the app is showing expenses, incomes, budgets, etc. from all accounts.allaccIMG_0114


The active setting is shown under time span in the upper right hand corner of the app, so you can quickly asses which accounts are enabled just by glancing. If more than one account is selected but not all, this will be noted as ‘Custom’.custIMG_0116


If all are disabled , it will be noted as ‘No accounts’. If only one is enabled, it will display the name of that account e.g. ‘Cash’.noaccIMG_0112cashCCIMG_0110


This setting is global and will effect every graph and list in the app – except the budget section. So if you think you are missing some data, check the accounts to make sure.


Quick tip:

  • You can also quickly switch accounts or time spans by swiping the account or month left or right. Open the right sidebar, then grab the red button where it says “All accounts” and flick it left or right. That way you can quickly cycle between accounts without setting ON/OFF switches each time.



Filtering by category, tag and location


Filtering by these other criteria is not (yet) available in the mobile apps, but will likely be in the future. Until then, you can use the web app on to filter by category, tag or locations.

Check out the tutorial for filtering in the web app.




There are also detailed filtering options present on the export & reports screen. These are separate just for data exporting and reports, and are basically all other filtering options merged in one screen.


That’s it! Check out the filtering, play around with it and always remember to keep an extra bussiness card in your wallet! Just in case you’d need another kind of “filter” altogether. ;)

It’s a good idea to have some extra business cards in any case.

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Filtering Your Financial Data and Making Needles Easier to Find Than Haystacks (Web App)


We have a bunch of filtering options available in Toshl Finance, all of which can be accessed by pressing the filtering button in the upper right corner of the web app. It has a little funnel icon on it.



Note that the filtering will overlay the list section, so make sure you close it (with the click on the same button) to see the expense list underneath, once you’re done with the filtering settings.



Filtering by account


Enable or disable displaying expenses and incomes on specific financial accounts. Accounts filtering is set to ‘All accounts’ by default, meaning the app is showing expenses, incomes, transactions etc. from all of your financial accounts.



The active setting is shown on the button, so you can quickly asses which accounts are enabled just by glancing at it.



If all are disabled, only the funnel icon will be displayed and you won’t see any data in graphs, lists, etc.


This setting is global and will effect every graph and list in the app – except the budget section, budgets filter only by category or tag. So if you think you are missing some data, check the accounts filtering settings to make sure the data is not just filtered-out.


Filtering by category, tag and location


The filtering options for the three are essentially the same, they just filter your data by a different attribute.

The category, tag and location filters won’t work with Monthly overview and River flow graph.



Three types of filtering are available for each attribute:


All (categories/tags/locations)

Pretty self-explanatory. All entries will be shown, no matter which category, tag or location are set on the entries.


Select (categories/tags/locations)

Only entries which contain one of the selected (categories/tags/locations) will be shown.


Exclude (categories/tags/locations)

All entries, except the ones that contain the selected (categories/tags/locations) will be shown.



All of these filtering options can be combined and the effects are cumulative. Thusly, the result is an ever finer mesh through which the data is filtered.


For example:

Say we want to check how much ‘Cash’ we spent in May in ‘Food and drinks’ category.

First, we will navigate to May in the time span selector on top.

We covered time span in another tutorial: My Financial Month & Time Spans.


Second, we will open accounts filtering. We set all accounts to OFF by clicking the topmost switch next to “All accounts” and set only the ‘Cash’ account to ON.

If you’re really into switches, you can also disable all but the ‘Cash’ account one by one. Whatever floats your boat. Thus, we filtered the expenses to show only the ones purchased on ‘Cash’.



Third, we click on categories section below, click the tab ‘select categories’, then choose the ‘Food and drinks’ category. We are now seeing only expenses categorised as ‘Food and drinks’ and purchased with ‘Cash’.



Say we don’t want to see ‘groceries’, ‘icecream’, ‘beer’ and ‘coffee’. We click on tags, then ‘Exclude tags’ and select the ones mentioned above. We are left with proper meals, paid with cash.

If you change your mind about which tags you would like to filter by, click on one of the tags you selected and is currently displayed in the input field. The tag will then be removed from your filter.



Location filters work the same way as categories and locations. Use them to display only the expenses made at certain venues, or exclude certain venues.


There are also detailed filtering options present on the export & reports screen. Those filters are separate and filter just the data for exporting and reports.


That’s it! Check out the filtering, play around with it and always remember to keep an extra bussiness card in your wallet! Just in case you’d need another kind of “filter” altogether. ;)

It’s a good idea to have some extra business cards in any case.

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How to Add Expenses Straight From Your Lock Screen and Avoid Being Eaten by Wild Boars (iOS)

Do you know that feeling of being chased around a thick forest by a wild boar? You run as quickly as you can, heart pumping at maximum, sweat pouring down your face. But, no matter how hard you try, you still cannot escape the thumping of his small, yet surprisingly swift feet, the sound of his loud breathing as he catches up, to sink his sharp teeth into your…
Well, ok, maybe you don’t know the feeling of that exact situation.
Consider for a second though, that moment when you’re at the grocery store cash register, trying to pack all the food into the bags before the cashier hands you the receipt and gives you the evil eye for being so damn slow. It’s the next closest thing to the wild boar situation.
If you’re a thrill seeker like me, you’ll try to up the game and add the grocery expense to Toshl just after handing the cashier the credit card and before getting the bill back. It’s doable: amount, category, tag, save aaand you’re done. The tricky part is unlocking the phone, finding the Toshl app, tapping on Add expense, then doing the actual adding. There is a solution!

The add entry widget on the Today screen (Notification center).

Screenshot Toshl add expense widget
1. Hold up your iPhone, activate the screen and swipe from the top edge.
2. Tap the big red + button.
3. Toshl opens with Add expense all ready, just waiting for you to enter the amount.
The same also works for incomes and transactions between financial accounts. Just tap the green + button for incomes and the grey + button for transactions.

How to set up the Toshl widget?


1. Swipe form the top edge of the screen to open the Today screen.

2. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Today screen and tap the Edit button.

3. Find Toshl in the list of the apps and tap the green + button next to it, to include it on the Today screen.

4. Use the 3 lines icon on the right to drag it to the top (if your heart so desires).

5. Tap Done.Screenshot edit Today screen in iOS Notification center

Next time you open the Today screen, the 3 Toshl add buttons for expenses, incomes and transactions will be available for quick use.
In case you can’t activate the Today screen while the phone is locked, but would like to, make sure you have that option enabled in the iOS settings.
This feature is available from the version 2.0.6 of the Toshl Finance iOS app onwards.
Toshl monster hunter with dog
Happy grocery hunting!
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