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A Sneak Peek at Rich E-mail Reports and Exports (Beta)

Major new features are coming up. At the moment, we’re testing much improved regular e-mail reports in weekly, monthly and yearly incarnations. Rather than just including the exported files, they now help you keep up with your finances and draw a line under your financial performance in the past month. How much was left to spend, how much you spent on food, account balances at the end of the month. All you need for a complete picture.

File exports are new as well. We’ve added OFX, but the real emphasis was on the PDF. Much like the e-mail reports, it’s no longer just about the list of transactions, but becomes a full report in its own right. Sums, graphs, budgets all while keeping it modular and printer friendly.

If you’re curious, you can get access to these new features a bit early.

Sign up for the Exports & Reports Beta

We’re interested in your feedback. Both in how useful or not you find the features, as well as any reports about technical issues, if you run into them. While working well in cases we tried, the more different different types of data we can test the feature with, the better. In short, we’d like you to report some reports regarding these reports.

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