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Add Venues and Locations to Your Expense Tracking (Android)

The more information you keep on your earning and spending habits, the easier it is to take control of your personal finances. In the following paragraphs we will take a closer look on how to record where exactly your spending takes place.

Remember, adding extra information to either incomes or expenses is done in the same way. We’ll show you how to do this for an expense, but you would add location information to an income in an identical fashion.



1. Selecting the Location function

After you have entered the amount for your expense and selected a category, continue downwards to the row of icons under the Date tab. Tap the icon on the far left to bring up the Location function.


2. Entering the location details

The suggestions of nearby locations and venues will show up automatically.

The locations displayed are the venues that exist in your immediate surroundings. If you already see the venue where you spent your money, just tap on it and the location will be added with your expense. Save the expense and you’re all done.

If the location you’re searching for isn’t on the list, tap on the “More locations” option below the suggestions to expand the list of venues nearby. Alternatively, it is always possible to search for the location manually.

This works well if you are adding an expense on the spot, but if you’re already somewhere else or want to make your entry more precise, there is another trick you can use to quickly specify the town or city where the expense took place. Tap on the search field and type the name of the venue you’re looking for, add a comma (,) and type in the town or city where the venue is located.

Check this guide for more information about the use of a comma with locations.



3. Reviewing locations

Access the menu by tapping the main menu button in the top left corner or swiping from the left edge of the screen. To review saved locations, navigate to the Locations option.

The Locations tab displays a map with all the expenses with saved locations. Tapping on the mark on a map brings up a bubble with the amount that was spent there, and the number of visits to the venue. If you’ve been spending at a single location multiple times, these entries will be summed up on the location.

Location is also displayed in the details of an expense you’ve saved.


4. Filtering locations and filtering by locations
The locations map, like all the data in Toshl, depends on the filtering options that are set at the time. By default the map will display all the locations in your current financial month.

Need to see where you’ve been spending in the last two months, perhas in the last year, or during any other time period? Simply adjust the time span by tapping in the upper right corner where you can see a tag indicating which month you’re currently observing, or swipe from anywhere on the right edge towards the centre of the screen.

In the web app you can filter your expenses not only by time spans or financial accounts, but also by tags and categories.


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