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App Updates: Repeating Transfers on Android, Searching Locations by City

With version 2.0.12, the Android app can now create repeating transfers, as well as add reminders and descriptions to them.

The new update inlcudes numerous other improvements as well:

– fixed lock screen when searching for location
– searching for location by city, e.g. “Decathlon, Ljubljana”
– updated dialogs and highlighted elements color
– improved accounts/tags/categories list
– improved support for image upload on more devices
– long press on clear button on keypad now clears the whole value
– improved pull-down-to-refresh behaviour
– lots of stability improvements and minor fixes


Searching locations by city

Searching for a location by city is now available on Android, the web app and will be coming to the iOS app shortly.

By default, the suggested locations will be the ones that can be found around your current physical location.

You can then search for a specific location that’s around you, for example, I’ll look for the Balkan food chain called “Das Ist Valter“. It will find the one just next to my current physical location in the town of Kranj. This is how it has worked already so far.

Now, if you’re adding the location for past expenses, you can specify the city where you made that expense. In that case, I’ll write “Das Ist Valter, Ljubljana” and it will find the Valter restaurant in Ljubljana.

Don’t worry, it’s not just useful for finding “exotic” Central European čevapčiči places. It will work just as well if you look for “Starbucks, Wilmington”.




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