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Apps That Connect with Toshl: CSV importer

You can use, analyse and add your data to Toshl in many ways. But there will always be new ideas and ways in which you can expand the usefulness of your data. We, the Toshl team, focus on developing the core of the user experience and what will bring most benefit to the most people using Toshl. But we also provide the tools for developers so anyone can do other wonderful things with the data they have in Toshl.

Some of these projects remain for personal use, while others share what they’ve built with the community. That way everyone can enjoy the benefits of their solutions.

One such great project is a CSV import tool for Toshl built by George Magiafas. As the title suggests, it will help you import expenses into your Toshl account from a CSV file. You can define the amount, date, tags and the description of the expenses in the file. Expenses can then be imported into your Toshl account all at once, simply by uploading the .csv file to the web app on George’s website.

CSV files (Comma Separated Values) come in many shapes though. This importer will work only with a specific type of a CSV file. Make sure you see the file sample and format your data accordingly.
This means that the Toshl CSV exports or your banks cannot be imported just by uploading, but they could be adjusted to the same format.

It’s very useful for importing large amounts of past data which would take too long by hand. Happy importing!

Toshl does not control the 3rd party services, so use at your own risk. By connecting Toshl with the app you are allowing the app to access some of your data. Which parts of the data is specified on the connection screen.

For further information on the Toshl API, please contact us.
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