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Attach PDFs to your expenses and incomes

Sometimes expenses and incomes come with a bit more documentation that needs to be kept in a safe place. Toshl has for a long time offered the option to add photos of receipts, either by taking the photo right away, or by choosing it from your phone’s gallery.

We’ve now added the option to add PDF invoices to entires as well. 

The option is available in the web app as well as the Toshl Android and iOS mobile apps. When adding an expense or income, just find the little camera icon on the bottom right and you’ll see the Attach PDF option there, right next to the photo option.

In the mobile app, the file picker will open up, so you can choose between the files you have for upload. You can attach up to 4 PDFs. It should work with any PDF invoice, warranty, report or similar document, as long as it’s under 10 MB in size.

The PDFs will be automatically synced to for backup as well as for availability on your other devices, where you are logged in with your Toshl account.

Adding attachments and photos to entries is available to users with Toshl Pro or Toshl Medici upgrades. A free 30-day trial is available.

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