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Beware of Scammers, Toshl is Not Hiring in The US

Recently, we’ve started getting emails from people asking if we were really looking for a administrators in Texas and various other positions in the United States.

We are not hiring anyone in the United States. Any job ad claiming so is a scam. Do not send them your information, let alone money.

The scammers even went so far to register the domain and use the email If you’re contacted by any of these people, please report them to the authorities.

Any employment offers at Toshl will be listed on the Jobs at Toshl page and any email we send is from a domain. We’re not actively hiring at the moment and when we will it will most likely be only in Slovenia.

Please don’t fall for scammers and if you find any such ad, report it as a scam and help us wipe those assholes from the face of the Earth. Thank you.
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