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Brand New Toshl For Android Is Here. Unleashing The Fun Into Finance.

Deep inside the secret development facilities of Toshl an app has been brewing for quite some time. Our developers toiled away on the solutions, making the app super friendly for its future users, squashing bugs in the process and replying to e-mails from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) that the bugs we are squashing are of the software variety and that no animals are being harmed in the process.

In fact animals had the least to be concerned about, for the app was not meant for them, but for robots. Androids to be exact.

All the thousands of hamsters that you had hired to organize your finances can now enjoy their well earned rest with peace of mind, for the new Toshl Finance 1.6 for Android is finally available!
Toshl Finance for Android
Toshl liberates you and your hamsters from doing your finances by hand, making it super easy and fun to track your spending and control it with budgets.

With version 1.6 we went all out and rewritten the app from the ground up, which is also why it took a bit longer than usual.

What’s new in Toshl Finance 1.6 for Android?

All new design, now featuring Toshl monsters
The color scheme is new and in sync with the whole Toshl ecosystem. The Toshl monsters bring some fun spirit and the app is gentler on the fingers and the eyes in general.

It’s easy to get carried away on spending, so it’s good to have a buddy tapping you on the shoulder when you’re going overboard. Toshl can do just that, set up a monthly budget for spending and get reminded to stay in budget. If you go Pro, you can even set up budgets for specific tags and weekly and daily timespans, so all that alcohol spending doesn’t go unnoticed. :)
Toshl Finance for Android

Foreign currencies
When you go traveling it’s not easy to keep track of all your spending in another currency. Toshl makes it easy. While adding an expense, simply choose another currency to enter the expense. Toshl will already know the correct exchange rate for the day, but you can change it to your own if you wish. You can then add expenses in the local currency. Toshl will remember the expense and calculate it to your main currency as well. When you come home, all your expenses will be noted, gathered & converted to your home currency without the hassle.

Recurring expenses
We all have those pesky monthly bills to think of; rent, gym, electricity, internet. Some of them just keep coming up week after, week, month after month. Now you can add them to Toshl right from you phone and they will automatically get added each week, month or year so you can put your mind at ease in advance.

Toshl Finance for Android

Passcode locking
Now you can keep the prying eyes away from your finances. You can set up a 4-digit code to lock the Toshl app so only you have access to it. Simply set it up in the settings and Toshl will demand the code each time you open the app.

Export from the mobile app
Toshl keeps the data you collect handy and available in a plethora of formats. You could always export your expenses into CSV files – with the free account – and to PDF, Excel and Google Docs with Toshl Pro. Now you can export those expenses right from the Toshl mobile app. Just tap the formats you’d like and Toshl will send an e-mail with the linked exported attachments right away.

Still not convinced?
Get Toshl Finance on the Android Market right now!

If you like it, please rate it on the Market and write a comment. We appreciate it a lot!

Thank you beta testers!
We would also like to thank everyone that helped with the beta testing of the Toshl app. Your feedback helped us find and eliminate many bugs (again, PETA, not what you think) and enhance the little details that make Toshl so much nicer to use.

Toshl Finance for Android
Existing Toshl Android users
Everyone who has been using the previous Toshl app for Android, we recommend that you sync to for backup before upgrading. Your data in the old app will of course be migrated to the new version, but with so many differences in the app it’s possible that something might go wrong and it’s best to be on the safe side. If you encounter any problems you can then just do a clean install of Toshl and sync your data from the

Wind in our sails, seas of plenty ahead
We’re already working on developing the next Toshl Finance for Android with lots of new functionality. Now that we’ve got this new foundation to build on we can focus on getting our loyal users more new functionality while keeping the app simple. No resting on laurels, full speed ahead!

So, how do you like the new Toshl for Android? We love to hear your feedback, let us know!

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