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16 Cryptocurrencies With Fresh Exchange Rates Added to Toshl

This seems to be the golden age of currency innovation. A lot of new, alternative currencies have cropped up in the last few years, outside of the traditional government, central bank systems and fueled by cryptocurrency innovations.

When using the new currencies, it can be a bit of a hassle to keep track of all of them and their sometimes wildly fluctuating exchange rates. Toshl is here to help.

We’ve just added support for 16 new cryptocurrencies. You can add expenses, incomes, transfers, budgets and financial accounts in these currencies. They’ll work just like any other currency on Toshl, including having always updated and fresh exchange rates.


Quick tip: If you have a financial account in a foreign currency, the value of that account is automatically updated with fresh exchange rates. This way, you can always know your exact net worth in your main currency, no matter how many different currencies you use on your financial accounts.


The 16 newly added cryptocurrencies

BitShares (BTS)

EarthCoin (EAC)

Emercoin (EMC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Factom (FCT)

Feathercoin (FTC)

LiteCoin (LTC)

Namecoin (NMC)

NovaCoin (NVC)

Nxt (NXT)

Peercoin (PPC)

Stellar (STR)

VertCoin (VTC)

Monero (XMR)

Primecoin (XPM)

Ripple (XRP)


The new currencies have already been automatically added to the Toshl Finance mobile and web apps, no app update is necessary.


cryptocurrencies grown on trees

With so many new cryptocurrencies, one could think they practically grow on trees. Toshl monsters do in fact grow their currencies on trees, they claim they’re more “natural” that way.

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Review Your 2016 Finances & New Planning Feature

As 2016 comes to an end, it’s time for a look back at you finances throughout the year. Hopefully they fared much better than the ranks of legends and celebrities this year, so it will be more of a look back in joy than a look back in anger.

First, a quick tip on how to get your 2016 financial reports in 3 easy clicks. On click on the time span on top, click the  “Custom time span” tab, then the “2016” button. Voila! All your graphs and data in Toshl will now be filtered to 2016.


Time span tutorials Web, Android, iOS

See the River flow graph to know how well your finances balanced-out in 2016, expense and incomes graphs to see where you’ve spent and earned most.



We also have a holiday surprise this year, which will make reviewing your past finances much, much better. It’s called Planning.

It’s a brand new feature which compares your balances, expenses, incomes as well as net worth throughout the months and years. You can also compare spending on individual categories and tags.

In fact, you can filter any of the data in the Planning graph with the usual filters available in Toshl. You can thus decide to only include certain financial accounts, categories, tags or even locations.



The feature is currently in Beta testing. That means it will work well for the most part, but there might still be a glitch or two to iron out in some cases. If you come across any difficulties, please let us know so we can fix it.

Planning is free during the Beta testing period, but will be limited to Toshl Pro later on.

At the moment, Planning is available on the web app and will me making its way to the Toshl mobile apps in the future.

We hope it will come useful and we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

You’ll find Planning (Beta) in the main menu in the web app. Or just click the link below.


Try Planning


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Toshl for Android 2.0.13 – Monstrous Festivus Edition

The holiday season is upon us. Saint Nicholas day has recently passed and I’m sure you’re getting your Festivus pole ready for the season. It will be 2017 before you know it, and with it, time again for some New Year’s resolutions to get your finances aligned with your lifestyle. Or vice versa.

The Toshl monsters are warming up nicely, getting ready to give you a hand. Both with assessing how 2016 went financially and how to plan for the future. After all, Toshl monsters are the ones who put the “ass” into “assess”.

Some larger Toshl surprises are in store, but first off, let’s see what’s new in the latest update of Toshl for Android that we released today.


2.0.13 improvements
– Added expense and income sums to navigation.
– Added launcher shortcuts on Pixel phones and devices with Android 7.1.
– Added the initial sync screen, so Toshl monsters greet you whence you first log into the app.
– Added accounts and financial months swiping hint and infinite accounts swiping. In other words, the months and accounts will wobble a bit when you open the sidebar, giving you a hint about how they work.
– Updated monsters for the holidays. Find a long list of expenses or incomes, scroll all the way down and say hello!
– Updated currency formatting. Whether the currency is left or right of the amount now depends on your system settings.
– Improved entries list loading performance.
– Fixed several crashes. Although we made an exception for Toshl monsters riding bumper cars. Those can still crash. Because it’s fun. But it’s in a different dimension, so you won’t notice.


As always, download the latest Toshl Finance update on Google Play.


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App Updates: Repeating Transfers on Android, Searching Locations by City

With version 2.0.12, the Android app can now create repeating transfers, as well as add reminders and descriptions to them.

The new update inlcudes numerous other improvements as well:

– fixed lock screen when searching for location
– searching for location by city, e.g. “Decathlon, Ljubljana”
– updated dialogs and highlighted elements color
– improved accounts/tags/categories list
– improved support for image upload on more devices
– long press on clear button on keypad now clears the whole value
– improved pull-down-to-refresh behaviour
– lots of stability improvements and minor fixes


Searching locations by city

Searching for a location by city is now available on Android, the web app and will be coming to the iOS app shortly.

By default, the suggested locations will be the ones that can be found around your current physical location.

You can then search for a specific location that’s around you, for example, I’ll look for the Balkan food chain called “Das Ist Valter“. It will find the one just next to my current physical location in the town of Kranj. This is how it has worked already so far.

Now, if you’re adding the location for past expenses, you can specify the city where you made that expense. In that case, I’ll write “Das Ist Valter, Ljubljana” and it will find the Valter restaurant in Ljubljana.

Don’t worry, it’s not just useful for finding “exotic” Central European čevapčiči places. It will work just as well if you look for “Starbucks, Wilmington”.




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Unlock Toshl with Your Fingerprint

Keeping your financial data safe and private is important. It’s also important to make the security precautions comfortable and easy to use. If they’re too much of a hassle, people tend to turn them off and any potential security enhancement vanishes like a tub of ice cream on a depressing day.


That’s why unlocking the Toshl app is also possible with a fingerprint. With the latest update (2.0.8), we’re also bringing this option to the Android app.


Just open the app settings and set the passcode lock to ON. You’ll first be asked to enter the numerical passcode. This is just in case you’re experiencing some issues with the fingerprint scanning, but also useful on phones which do not offer the fingerprint option.


passcode lock


The next time you open the app, Toshl will ask you to unlock it using your fingerprint which is already saved in the Android OS, if you’ve been using this feature on your phone before. Otherwise you can adjust the fingerprints saved in the Android system settings.


unlock finance app by fingerprint

Unlocking by fingerprint is available both in the Android and iOS apps with Toshl Pro.


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