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Export Financial Reports from Toshl to Evernote

We’ve updated the Toshl web app with a new export option. You can now export your financial reports directly to Evernote. It works just like the other export options. Simply click on the export link and then select Evernote in the drop-down menu.

You’ll be redirected to the Evernote site, where you can log in and authorise Toshl to create new notes and add content into them. Don’t worry, we don’t get permission to do anything else with your files other than to share the Toshl exports that you want to your Evernote notes.
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Like with all other exports you can specify which time period do you want the export to include. By default, that’s the current month, but it could also be all time, the previous month or any other time span that you specify by clicking on the title of the month.

Upload financial report to Evernote

You can also export reports for individual tags. Just go to the Tags section, click on the tag you want exported and then click on export. You’ll see that the export options will already be updated to exporting only the tag that you’re viewing.
Exports of financial reports to Evernote are sent in the PDF format.
We hope this comes useful. We’re very happy to integrate with another awesome service like Evernote, that we avidly use ourselves at Toshl.
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