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Financial Data Exports (Web App)

With Toshl Finance you can export the data you entered into many different formats and services. This tutorial will show you how to do that and how to use some nifty filtering options to export just the right information.

Update April 2021: A much improved system for exports an email reports is available now. See the post Email Reports, File Exports and The Unbearable Lightness of Being Informed for more details.
You can export the data that you entered into PDF, Excel (.xls), Comma Separated Values (.csv), send the export directly to Google Drive – Spreadsheet app, Evernote or print it out.
The data sent to Google Spreadsheets will be in the same format as when exporting for Excel, so it will be immediately imported there and available for editing.
The export to Evernote is sent there in the PDF format and is therefore read only.
What to export?
The first choice is pretty self evident. What you get out is based on the tab you selected here.
The time span option works the same way. You can stay on your current financial month, or change the financial month using the arrows. You can also export all your data until today with “All time”, or choose a completely custom time span.
Quick hint: When choosing a custom start or end date, you can travel in time quicker by clicking the name of the month in between the arrows. All the months of the year will display for your selection. If you click there again, the years will display. This enables you to select dates further back and saves you many many clicks. The same approach works with all the web app date pickers, so it’s also useful when adding an expense for example.
Once your preferred options are selected, just click on the icon of your chosen export format and magic will happen. :)
Advanced filtering options
You can go a lot further with filtering your data to export just the entries you want. See the sidebar on the right. There, you can filter by financial account, categories, tags or locations. You can select the ones to export or exclude the ones which you don’t want to export.
I could go so far as to export only the expenses that came out of my bank account on the 25th of June, 1991 with the category “Home & Utilities”, using the tag “flags” and only showing those that were bought at “Maximarket”. I’m so specific that even if I dedicated my entire life to the army, I could never become a general.
General Specific during the coffee wars
of the “early morning” period.
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