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Finish Financial 2017 with Flying Colors and Jump Wholeheartedly into 2018

May your 2018 be a good one! Full of joy, financial success and free from needless worry.


We’ve prepared some tips to help make these wishes a reality.


Check how you did in 2017

It’s easy to do. Just tap the month, click on “Custom time span” and then tap “2017”. The graphs and lists in Toshl will now show you the information for the entire year.

1. Follow the River flow to see how your incomes and expenses fared together.

2. Expense graphs might come useful too. Tap a category on the pie chart or a tag bubble to see more info for each.

3. Don’t forget to check the budgets. Budget history is especially important. Based on it, you can adjust your budget amounts for 2018. Hopefully it will free up some money for saving or spending.


Plan ahead for 2018

I know it seems far right now, but this is a good time to start planning your vacations and other major expenses in 2018.

4. Perhaps make savings account and set up automatic monthly transfers to it. That way you’ll be ready when the spending time comes.

5. Enter any future expenses you already know of to Toshl. At least a rough estimate. They’ll show up nicely on the Planning graphs so you can balance out each month in advance.


Connect your bank or credit card

Toshl can now automatically connect to banks and credit cards in the United States. This means your spending and income data flies in automatically without the need for manual entries.

We’ll be expanding the offer to more countries and financial institutions in 2018.


Toshl monsters really got into the holiday spirit. They’re like ninjas of joy. You never know where the festivities will strike next!

Embrace your inner Toshl monster.


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