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Funky Toshl monster desktop images

Winter is very much in-vogue in much of the Northern hemisphere. It’s so popular in fact that we didn’t want to miss this awesome trend. All the kids are crazy about it! Your phone should get up to speed as well. That’s why we’ve made some illustrations with Toshl monsters doing some funky business to liven up your phone’s background. Perhaps they’ll help you remember to keep your finances in shape. Otherwise no lollipops for you, comrade!

Toshl monsters doing funky business

Toshl monsters don’t like to discriminate between mobile platforms, except for BlackBerries. It’s a long story involving snow-white unicorns, berry juice and unicorn prom night. Bygones. So we’ve made the wallpapers in different sizes for Androids, iPhones, Nokia Symbian^3 phones, Nokia MeeGo and Windows Phone. Go fetch them, while the snow lasts!

Dekstop image for Android 240×320
Dekstop image for Android 320×480
Dekstop image for Android 480×800
Dekstop image for iPhone
Dekstop image for Nokia N9 (MeeGo)
Dekstop image for Nokia Symbian
Dekstop image for Windows Phone

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