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How to Add an Expense in Toshl Finance

This is a short tutorial explaining how to add an expense in Toshl and how tags work. Shouldn’t be complicated, but it’s good to have a reference if things get confusing.

Toshl monsters may look scary, but in reality they are really nice. If you’re new to Toshl, they will help you get started. Feel safe to follow their advice. If you still have trouble finding your way around Toshl, read on.

1. Tap the + button (top right) or shake when in the Expenses tab.


2. Add an amount, press Next and then add some tags. Toshl lets you add any tags you like so you can organize your finances the way you want. If you want to add a new tag, simply type in the tag field with the name of the tag you would like to add. You can add multiple tags, simply separate them by commas. If you already added some tags previously, they will show bellow so you can quickly select them again.

Tags are non-exclusive. You can add more of them at one. Just bear in mind that the expense will then be counted under both tags when you sort them.


3. You can then tap Save to save an expense immediately or tap Next for some additional options. You can change the date, add a description or set the expense to repeat. Yes, it’s really that simple.

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