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How to Export Your Expenses in a Custom Date Range

Sometimes you need to know how much you spent in an exact time span so you how costly were your holidays or to file an expense report at work. I’m sure you can think of many other situations. In the web app on you can do it easily and quicker than you can say “omgthisiscoolerthanapinkflyingdolphin”. Here’s how.

1. Set a custom time span

Just click on the name of the month and an overlay will show up with the time span settings. Click on the custom timespan tab. Set the custom dates you want or use one of the preset options. Click Save. All the data in the web app is now displayed according to those criteria.

We noticed a lot of people don’t find the time span settings right away, we promise to make it more obvious in the next version.

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2. Export the financial data

In the navigation bar, click on export. You’ll notice that the default option for export has now changed from the name of the current month to the custom time span you just set. If that’s the range you want, just click on the file type or service you want it exported in. Once you click, it will be downloaded to your computer or transferred to the service you selected. People using Toshl Finance for free can download their data in CSV, while Toshl Pro users can also export to Excel, PDF, Google Docs or Evernote.

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Happy exporting!

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