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How to make expense reports for specific tags you’re spending on

You probably already know that you can export your expenses in Toshl. Users with free Toshl accounts can export to CSV (comma separated values) and Toshl Pro users get a lot more flexibility with export to CSV, Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs and PDF expenses reports. But did you know you can also export your expenses for a specific month or tag?

Expenses by month

  1. 1. Log in on
  2. 2. Click export in the top bar
  3. 3. Select whether you want to export all your expenses or a specific month

    The month you can select in the export drop down depends on which month you currently have open in your expenses view. Just navigate to a different month and you can export expenses for that month in the export drop down.

  4. 4. Click on the desired format of export
  5. 5. You’re done. Much rejoicing!

Toshl Finance monthly expense report

Expenses by tag

  1. 1. Log in on
  2. 2. Go to the Tags tab, click on the tag you want to export
  3. 3. Click export in the top bar
  4. 4. Select export expenses for the tag you chose before and click the desired export format
  5. 5. You’re done. Much rejoicing!

Toshl Finance specific tag report

Export expenses on your phone
You want to quickly export your expenses data while on the go? No problem, you can export them on your phone as well. The only difference is you don’t have the fine grained options for tags and months on your phone. You can only export the data for all tags and all time.
Go to the export section in the More tab (on iPhone) or export in the menu (pretty much all other platforms). Enter the e-mail you want to send the report to and the file formats you want to attach. Send, and you’re done.

Toshl Finance iPhone report

You own your data
We firmly believe that the data you gather and enter is your own. While the Toshl Pro users get a few more options in exporting, we will always support a way to get your data out for free so you can use it whichever way you want.

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