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Huge Toshl Pro discounts! Celebrating Thanksgiving, Lebanese Independence and The Birthday of Marjane Satrapi

Get your fat pants ready, jump into family mode, hide your turkey friends and be ready to get stuffed! As our friends in the United States and Canada celebrate Thanksgiving and get ready for Black Friday, we thought we’d join the festive mood and offer some discounts for wary shoppers. We’re making it easy to upgrade to Toshl Pro and keep on budget for all your Black Friday and upcoming holiday shopping.

This is far from the only reason for us to celebrate on the 22. of November. It is also the Independence day of Lebanon, marking 69 years since the liberation from the French mandate in 1943. We wish all the best to our Lebanese friends and may the cedar trees always grow strong!

It’s also the birthday of Marjane Satrapi, an amazing Iranian-French graphic novelist and illustrator. She’s the co-author and director of Persepolis, an animated film intertwining the history of Iran and her story of growing up during the revolution. If you haven’t yet, you need to watch Persepolis.┬áIt’s just that good.

As you see we have plenty of reasons to celebrate. So from now, until the end of this week, you can get Toshl Pro for half the price and restore some financial sanity.

How does this discount work?

It’s easy. Log in on and visit the Toshl Pro Upgrade page. Choose the monthly or yearly plan, then scroll down.

Share Toshl Pro funnies on Facebook or Twitter and you will get a 20% discount on your Toshl Pro subscription. Share them both on Facebook and Twitter and you’ll get a 50% discount!


Just for this occasion we’ve made up brand new sentences for you to share. Check them out!

The shared posts have to be set on public for the discount to work. Sadly we can’t offer those discounts for the 3-year & T-shirt plan.

May your festivities be grand!

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