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Improved System for Tracking Expense Locations and Venues

We have recently updated the way locations are suggested and tracked in the Toshl Finance apps. Based on your coordinates, provided by your phone using GPS / Galileo / GLONASS or web browser (for web app), Toshl suggests specific venues that you can note on your expenses and incomes.

To match these coordinates with specific places of business with their real names, Toshl uses a location service to provide this information.

To improve the breadth, accuracy of location results, as well as terms, we have now changed the location database providers from Foursquare to Google Places. While Google’s system should contain more venues and more precise data, the downside is that we can’t match them 1:1 with the Foursquare locations you might have used earlier. There can be differences in their databases regarding individual venues, so they cannot always be matched precisely. Your existing locations will remain saved as they are, but new ones will be located based on Google’s location results. We apologise if this change caused any inconvenience.

We hope this adjustment will help us all track our expense locations with greater detail and ease.

For more information about using locations in Toshl on Android, iOS and Web, click on the respective link for your platform. Don’t forget you can also add locations outside of your immediate vicinity, simply by using search and a comma.

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