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Language and Regional Settings in Toshl Finance

We take a lot of pride form the fact that Toshl is used almost everywhere around the world. We try to adapt to different languages and regional settings to make the use as natural as possible, wherever you are. That can be a tall order sometimes, as developing a regionally adjusted solution can take more time than we have available. Here’s how Toshl adapts to your local settings and how things work at the moment.

Toshl is currently available in 10 languages: English, Slovenian, Chinesesimplified, Chinesetraditional, French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish and Italian.
Both the web app and the native mobile apps are available in these languages. We hope and aim to expand the list of supported languages further in the future.
Customer support is available in English, Slovenian and French. If you write us in a different language we’ll do our best using Google Translate, but this can have quite mixed results. One of the languages mentioned above is certainly preferred.
If you notice a translation in one of our apps that does not seem right to you, please tell us about it so we can fix it.

How to set a different language?

Web app
When you first sign up on Toshl we try to detect which country you’re coming from and set the appropriate language. You can change this setting manually later on.
Go to the Settings. You will see the setting Web App language in the centre of the “General” section. Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu and that’s it.
The categories and tags which you kept named as they were by default will also be renamed to the new language. Your custom categories and tags will stay as they were.
Mobile apps
In the mobile apps, language is chosen based on the system setting of your phone. Whatever the language of your phone’s operating system, be it Android, iOS or Windows Phone, that language will be used in the Toshl Finance mobile app as well. A manual setting for this is not available in the Toshl app.
The country setting in the Settings helps us determine which regional settings would be right for you and it is usually detected automatically once you sign up.
Most importantly, it helps the Toshl monsters to pick the amusing comments just for you. They are a bit shy for now, but their big day of unveiling shall soon come. Stay tuned!
Regional formatting
This setting is primarily based on language, with variations available for individual countries and scripts, where they are applicable. Serbian, for example, is available in both in latin and cyrillic alphabet, with versions for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
What do these settings change?
the dates: names of days, weeks, months are based on this setting as well as the order in which they are listed.
decimal separators: when entering an amount, whether you use a decimal comma (4,20) or a decimal point (4.20) depends on this setting. You cannot use both because most languages then use the other sign as a separator between thousands.
currency symbol positions: whether the currency is displayed before or after the amount and if a space is used. In Slovenia an amount would be written as 4,20 €, whereas in the United States it would be $4.20.
We do not yet adapt the start of the week on the little calendar picker on the web, it always starts on Monday. It does not affect anything else though, you can start your weekly budgets on any day you like. The mobile apps adapt the calendar pickers based on your system settings.
Toshl offers the choice of almost any currency you can think of with with fresh exchange rates, 165 currencies. You can set different currencies on expenses, incomes, transfers, financial accounts and have a separate main currency for all the sums and graph.
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