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Launch Toshl from the Dock in macOS Sonoma

The new macOS Sonoma was released this week and among its neat new features is an option to add websites (or web apps) to your dock and launch them straight from there. Just like you would with native Mac apps.

This also means you can save Toshl in your dock for more convenient, easier access.

To do that, open in the Safari web browser and log in with your Toshl account. Next, click File / Add to Dock… in the menu bar on top. Alternatively you can also use the sharing button in the Safari toolbar.

Confirm or edit the naming of the dock shortcut and you’re done. The icon will be applied automatically based on the favicon already specified in Toshl.

Once you click, it will open the Toshl web app with your account already logged in and a somewhat simplified, less cluttered version of Safari without the address / toolbar.

It’s also worth mentioning that such shortcuts have already been available for a while on the iPad (Add to home) and Windows, so you can set it up in a similar way there as well if you like.

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