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Live tiles in Toshl for Windows Phone: Sum Up Your Finances From the Home Screen

We’ve have a new update of Toshl Finance for Windows Phone for you with new goodies that we’re sure you will love. To get all the new goodies, you will have to re-download the Toshl Finance app from the Marketplace.

Live tiles

The most important thing we’ve added in this new release are live tiles. You can pin them on your home screen and they’ll let you know how your finances are standing with a simple glance of your phone.

Sum up
See your current balance and how it’s been changing in the last week.

Pin any of the budgets you have made as a live tile on the home screen. You’ll always know how much you have left to spend on those coffees and snacks this month.

Add expense
Pin the add expense button and make expense entry extra quick. Tap the live tile, amount, tag, save aaaand you’re done. Adding expenses has never been quicker.
How to get the new version:
1. Make sure all your expenses are synced to
2. Uninstall Toshl Finance
3. Go to the Windows Phone Marketplace and install Toshl Finance
4. Log in, your expenses will be automatically synced

We’ve been changing our publishing accounts on the Windows Phone Marketplace so we can finally have control over publishing. Sadly it’s not possible to move an existing app to a new account, so we had to remove it first and create a new one. A side effect is that the Toshl app you downloaded before will not update automatically. All updates after this one will be available automatically. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience, we wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t absolutely necessary.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you’ll enjoy the new live tiles!

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