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Log In with Apple Now Available

You can now log in with Apple ID in all the Toshl apps. Or “Sign in with Apple“, if you prefer to phrase it exactly as Apple does.

Apart from logging in or signing up, you can also confirm major decisions in the apps which require a password confirmation, like deleting a financial account with data, resetting your user account and similar.

It also enables some much smoother ways to log in with the right combination of devices. For example, if you want to log in on, use the Safari web browser and have a Mac with a fingerprint reader (Touch ID), Toshl will now ask you for your fingerprint to log in. Feels pretty cool to log into a website like that, especially when you try it for the first time.

This option comes in addition to the already available identification with your Toshl account email and password, Google and Facebook log ins. If you use the same email address on all these services, you can connect multiple log in options to the same Toshl account.

These improvements are already available on and in the latest versions of our mobile apps on iOS (3.3.10) and Android (3.4.0).

We’ve also made some major improvements to the experience of Toshl mobile apps for new users. Finding out what Toshl has to offer, as well as making the first starting steps should now be a lot smoother and easier.

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