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Map of Toshl App Syncs Around the World in Real Time

We’ve been looking around our analytics and we been more and more surprised by the diverse locations ToshL users are coming from. They can be found around the world, from Kamchatka (Russia) to Harare (Zimbabwe), they’re almost everywhere. While the statistics looked interesting, they just didn’t have the right "oomph" to get us salivating. :) So we decided to make something a bit cooler to help us salivate.

Right around that random point on Earth’s orbit we call New Year’s, things were set in motion. Dr. Hills meditated, Earth shook, winds blew and little furry creatures from Alpha Centauri sang Đurđevdan. All of a sudden ToshL Live was born!
ToshL Live shows all the syncs people are making from their ToshL Finance mobile apps on the world map in real time.

Check out ToshL Live!

ToshL Live

The last 100 syncs are already on the map and the ones coming in will be shown live as they happen. If you hold your mouse pointer over a pin for a second it will also show the name of the town where the sync happened and the phone model.

Go ahead, try it for yourself. If you don’t have the ToshL app yet, you can get it here. Save your expenses to the cloud, and your location will show up on the map in a second.

Syncs tell a story
It’s fun to watch and look for patterns. Where the syncs are made obviously depends a lot on the time of day there. It’s fun to see Europe waking up in the early hours of the morning and seeing the trickle of syncs turn into a mighty streams as Europeans wake up and start spending on their coffees.

There’s also some interesting geographical differences. Compared to the surrounding countries ToshL is a lot more popular in Singapore and Malaysia. We’ve had some good reviews from Malay sites, but other than that, ToshL’s popularity there is a bit of a mystery to us. If some of our users could shed a bit of light on this, we’d appreciate it.
It’s also quite a bit more concentrated in our native Slovenia and Europe, but that we can understand and thank our compatriots for their support.

If you see a cool pattern or insight, tell us about it in the comments.

We’re pleasantly surprised that ToshL is used as much in non-English speaking countries, even-though we haven’t translated it yet. Right now we’re working on a new version with plenty of new features, but we plan to start with our translation efforts right after. If you’re willing to help us out with the translation of ToshL to your language, please send us an email to and we’ll notify you as soon as we start. Of course we’ll also throw in some ToshL goodies for your help.

Open source ToshL Live
Giving back to the community and sharing is something we like to do. We’ve decided to open source this implementation of the real time map. If you have a stream of IP’s and would like to visualize where they’re coming from, go ahead and use it. We’re using the Google Maps API and the MaxMind GeoLite base for IP locations. See the ToshL Live project on Github.

The data we show on the map is completely anonymous and only the approximate location of the sync and phone model are shown. The location of the sync is estimated based on the location of the IP address (not GPS). We don’t reveal your personal information to anyone. For more on this, we invite you to read our privacy policy.

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