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New Toshl 1.6 for Symbian^3 preview

There’s a new Toshl for Symbian^3 right around the corner. It’s got plenty of goodies like budgets, foreign currency support for traveling, recurring expenses etc. Try it and you’ll love it.

We have already submitted it to Ovi for quality assurance and we hope it will be online soon. In the meanwhile, you can try it out yourself if you’re the experimentative spirit. The app is finished, but because it’s not verified by Ovi yet, it’s not signed. If you’ve got a way to do that yourself, give it a go.

Update: We have updated Toshl to version 1.6.1 which fixes the issue that required users to sign in each time. Download it below.

Download Toshl 1.6.1 for Symbian^3 pre-release unsigned

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What’s new?

It’s easy to get carried away on spending, so it’s good to have a buddy tapping you on the shoulder when you’re going overboard. Toshl can do just that, set up a monthly budget for spending and get reminded to stay in budget. If you go Pro, you can even set up budgets for specific tags and weekly and daily timespans, so all that alcohol spending doesn’t go unnoticed. :)

Foreign currencies
When you go traveling it’s not easy to keep track of all your spending in another currency. Toshl makes it easy. While adding an expense, simply choose another currency to enter the expense. Toshl will already know the correct exchange rate for the day, but you can change it to your own if you wish. You can then add expenses in the local currency. Toshl will remember the expense and calculate it to your main currency as well. When you come home, all your expenses will be noted, gathered & converted to your home currency without the hassle.

Recurring expenses
We all have those pesky monthly bills to think of; rent, gym, electricity, internet. Some of them just keep coming up week after, week, month after month. Now you can add them to Toshl right from you phone and they will automatically get added each week, month or year so you can put your mind at ease in advance.

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