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New Toshl business cards with are here

Part of the Toshl team is going to the Entrepreneurs Festival at Tech City London next week so it was high time we get ourselves some new business cards to be communicable and presentable. Thanks to our talented designer, the Toshl business cards are again something special.

Each member of the team got a different business card. Well, obviously our names are not all the same and we don’t share a common mobile phone (yet? – bootstrapping EXTREME! ;)), but apart from that, everyone got two different Toshl monsters to represent them on their cards.

Call me with
We have our e-mails and phone numbers there, but why use the phone when you can call us for free on is an awesomely great service for calling, be it on the internet or mobile phones. Now every Toshl team member is reachable on and everyone knows it. :)

Toshl business cards with profile

Toshl business cards with profile

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