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New Toshl T-shirts

When you upgrade to Toshl Pro for 3 years, you get a lower price on the subscription and we send you a nice Toshl T-shirt to thank you for your support. Plus, to be honest, we get a total kick out of knowing that there are people around the world wearing gear that we designed.

We know that what you really want to hear about right now is Toshl 2. There have indeed been too many delays and we’re sincerely sorry for the extra waiting. We’re very impatient to get it released as well and there will be more news on this soon.

Now back to the T-shirts.


New design

We made a brand new design featuring the new Toshl “lollipop” logo. It’s a very shy logo though, so it often uses a completely inconspicuous disguise of bright blue sunglasses and a white cylinder hat when out in public. That way, only it’s closest friends are able to recognise it.

Here’s a fun fact: if you look closely you’ll find the new Toshl logo inside the “old” Toshl logo. It’s as if Matryoshkas ate hallucinogenic lollipops while managing their finances, crazy I tell you, crazy! ;)


New form

Apart from the new motif, we also made a big upgrade on the T-shirts themselves. We added a women’s fit T-shirt and we now offer both women’s and men’s variations in sizes from S to XXL, all featuring an elegant and “not too deep™”  V-neck.

They’re 100% quality cotton in the 180 gram variety. We also put the T-shirts through their paces ourselves to make sure they won’t shrink or stretch too much with use. We use the screen printing technique, which helps a great deal with the longevity as well.

We hope you’ll love to wear them as much as we do.


The new T-shirts are already available when you

upgrade to Toshl Pro with the 3-year plan.


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