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Planning Graphs Arrive in Toshl Mobile Apps

The Toshl mobile apps for Android and iOS were updated today. Version 3.1.0 brings a major new feature to the mobile apps – Planning graphs.

These graphs enable you to compare your finances month-to-month, seeing the whole year at once. You can compare your monthly balances, expenses, incomes and see the growth (hopefully) of your net worth.

Better still, you can filter the graph by categories, tags, accounts or even locations. That means you can easily compare your spending on Food & drinks month-to-month. Want to see how much you spent just on your credit card and compare months? Done.


Check them out for more detailed instructions and tips on how to use Planning.


The Planning feature is available for all Toshl Pro and Medici users in all Toshl apps. Just make sure you have the latest update from the App Store or Google Play. A free 30-day trial of Toshl Pro or Medici is available on all platforms.

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