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Presenting Toshl Limited Edition for Nokia N9 with MeeGo

The stage is set. The murmurs of an awaiting audience fill the ether. They know something is about to unveil itself, yet are unsure of what. Ever so infrequently they refresh their gaze of the stage with a stoic anticipation.

This stage is no ordinary stage. This audience is no ordinary audience. The stage faces no particular direction, it’s turned towards anyone who wishes to partake in it’s wonders. The audience floats around in perpetuity glancing now here, then there, looking for a stage of interest to focus their attention on.

Then it begins. The red velvet drapes slowly and smoothly slide away as if they were never there. In fact they never were. The smoke now filling the stage gets slightly confused by the sudden non-existence of the red velvet drapes behind of which it was supposed to emerge. To add insult to injury, the smoke realises it has sprained forth on a stage in the metaphoric cloud, making the point of smoke rather moot.

The star of the show appears, seemingly unfazed by this whole existentialist commotion. The enclouded audience gasps with bewilderment. Is it late? Is it part two? For the year is 2011, yet this black monolith appearing on stage looks exactly the same, but not quite, like the monolith of Space Odyssey 2001. It earns the “but not quite” distinction with it’s slender, curvy figure, perhaps reminiscing of the Kubrick’s monolith’s younger, more attractive days.

As if this wasn’t enough for an audience to take in and decipher in a day, the front of the monolith lights up with the power of an exploding supernova. The beam of light acquiesces to a bit of moderation, letting the title in the monolith’s center shine through. Nokia. The people of the cloud now watch with bemusement. They recognise the name of the dynasty, the monolith seems clearer now. But what is the purpose of all this?

Then another flood of light fills stage. This time the aim is clear. There is no more confusion, no more bewilderment as to the purpose of this thing. A wonderful sense of clarity about the present and the future fills the audience. They can feel their financial worries disappear, accounts getting sorted, budgets met and they can finally relax with a feeling of security and financial freedom.

The monolith shines brigthly: Toshl for Nokia N9

Nokia N9 monolith and Toshl

So, humanity, you’re welcome. ;) This heavenly duo of Toshl and Nokia N9 is so powerful, exclusive and unique that we have decided to limit its use to no more than 92 000 Nokia N9 devices. After a deep and thoughtful consultation with Stephen Elop we feel that is the only way we can prevent the breaking of space/time continuum. So happy users of the one and only MeeGo Nokia to reach the safe harbours of people’s pockets: download away. If you don’t download Toshl right now, we cant guarantee the safety of the space/time continuum later on.

Screenshots of the financial saviour’s goodness:
Toshl Finance on Nokia MeeGoToshl Finance on Nokia MeeGoToshl Finance on Nokia MeeGo

But here’s how the screenshots look in the Nokia Store. They seem to have a fetish for landscape screenshots, even-though N9 is mostly portrait oriented. The publishing process could be a bit more polished, like the surface of the N9 for example…
Toshl Finance on Nokia MeeGo

Written by Matic Bitenc

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