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Quick update on the 2.0

We’ve been making constant improvements to the web app Beta as well as the general back end of the Toshl ecosystem and the mobile apps. Thank you to everyone that’s helping us with Beta testing. With your help we’ve discovered and fixed a bunch of bugs, as well as made some usability improvements.

The web app is now also translated into: English, Slovenian, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and German. The latter two are not 100 % yet, but will be soon. Chinese, both simplified and traditional are on the way. If you speak any of these languages, please switch to it in the Settings and please let us know if you encounter a strange translation.

The iOS app is progressing well and is in internal testing, but we want to make sure we’ve covered everything before adding more test users.

We still need to do a bit more on the Toshl Pro payments side, fix some minor quirks, get all the tutorials ready, translations into the mobile apps… All in all it’s going well and the final release is not far off.

We’ve made the Beta web app more accessible. If you sign up now, you should get the invitation automatically in a few minutes.

Keep in mind that the Beta is meant for tablet and desktop screen sizes and above, mobile phones will be served by the native apps. Sync is also just one way with the beta at the moment. V1 -> Beta. That means that what you add in the current mobile apps will show up on the Beta, but not vice-versa.

Android and Windows Phone apps are also in the making, coming a bit later this year. Thank you for your patience.



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