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Roaming the Apple Orchards in Search of Freshness

As spring slowly gives way to summer*, Toshl monsters take a gander at their Apple orchard. Much like with the Android release a few weeks earlier, warmer times call for a style update as well as some nifty features a long the way.


In simpler terms, we’ve published the 2.0.13 iOS app update  with quite significant improvements.


– general style update with fresher colors

– easier to read expense and income lists, with description previews and days of the week

– refreshed Monthly overview and River flow graphs

– budget list with better grouping and today indicators on all budgets

– better looking entry and budget details

– support and tutorials are now easier to access



The latest version of the Toshl Finance iOS app is available on the App Store.


*Our apologies in advance to readers in the Southern Hemisphere who are not experiencing spring at the moment. No need to get all riled up at our apparent ignorance, your revenge shall come soon enough as you’ll head for summer while us northerners shall brace for winter’s embrace. Feel free to visit in the meantime.

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