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Sberbank and Toshl Partner up to Help People Get a Grasp on Their Finances

Seeing our finances clearly and planning ahead takes good tools. There’s just too much financial info to keep in your mind at all times, while still being able to enjoy life unburdened.

Helping people make better financial decisions is something Sberbank Slovenia and Toshl Finance have in common. So we’ve decided to partner up and offer our common customers better tools to control their finances.

2 years of Toshl Medici for free

Anyone with a Sberbank Slovenia personal bank account can connect it and get a free Toshl Medici membership that’s valid for 2 years. There’s an additional 50% discount on the next extension after that. Thus, helping to manage finances comes with an 80€ starting gift – the value of these services – to get started with managing finances better.

Sberbank and Toshl Finance partnership

Sberbank, Medici, activate!

But how? Easy, start with any Toshl account. It can be free, no previous upgrades needed. In the Toshl app go to Main menu / Bank connections. Make sure popular Slovenian banks are shown, or search for “Sberbank” with the Slovenian flag. Click on it.

Follow the steps to connect your bank account to Toshl. You’ll be redirected to Sberbank’s website to log in and confirm connecting with Toshl.

That’s it! Once you’re connected with Sberbank, your Toshl user account will be automatically upgraded with 2 years of the Toshl Medici membership.

More detailed instructions and info about the bank connections is available in the Frequently asked questions – Sberbank (in Slovene).

Fruitful collaboration

We’re thrilled that we can finally announce this collaboration with the Sberbank team and doubly so for what’s still ahead. Sberbank Slovenia is consistently rated as a trustworthy and reliable bank by its customers and one they’d recommend to their friends and family. The bank will also be celebrating 30 years of presence on the Slovenian market this year. A presence marked not only by quality banking services, but also social responsibility, including support for Slovenian sport teams in Nordic skiing (ski jumps and cross-country), volleyball and beach volley.

The Sberbank group globally has more than 98 million retail clients, 2,7 million corporate clients, 290 000 employees and 14 100 branches, building on a 180-year tradition of banking.

So, what are you waiting for? Connect your Sberbank account and feel that fresh air flow through your finances.

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