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Spring Is in The Air. Androids in Full Bloom.

Spring time*. Time for renewal and more sparing clothing, appropriate for the warmer times. Toshl monsters took this quite literally and went full monty instead of wearing winter clothes wherever they appear in the apps. No worries though, their anatomy is abstract enough for the app to remain modest despite their exhibitionist tendencies.


Elsewhere, the changes are less literal, but more significant. Download Toshl Finance for Android 2.0.16 and see for yourself.


Expense / income lists

The lists have improved both in layout and style. We’ve improved the fonts, colors and the layout to make the information easier and quicker to understand at a glance.

  • amounts are better highlighted
  • there’s more visual difference between categories and tags
  • entries are more clearly grouped by date with subtle shadows and borders in between
  • new 2-row layout with descriptions displaying when they’re present
  • dates in the list now include day of the week in front
  • nicer image & text when there’s no data to display


Budget list

  • much clearer layout, especially with monthly budgets for all and categories on top
  • added today indicators for all budgets on the list (not just in details anymore)
  • nicer image & text when there’s no data to display


Budget details

  • nicer looking graph layout
  • budget history graph no longer confused by negative rollovers


Monthly overview

  • nicer looking graph layout
  • color of the title bar is now transparent


Add expense / income

  • after selecting a category, tags belonging to it are displayed more prominently than the rest of the tags



  • added a new app splash screen
  • support for larger screened devices with new scree different aspect ratios (like the new Samsung Galaxy S8)
  • grey colored calendar selector when adding transfers
  • fixed a crash after frequent system languages changes
  • fixed starting steps skip issue
  • other minor bug fixes


As always, the latest Toshl Finance app is available on Google Play.



*Our apologies in advance to readers in the Southern Hemisphere who are not experiencing spring at the moment. No need to get all riled up at our apparent ignorance, your revenge shall come soon enough as you’ll head for summer while us northerners shall brace for winter’s embrace. Feel free to visit in the meantime.

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