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The Road to 2.0: Toshl Pro and Pricing

With Toshl 2.0 we will be enhancing a lot of existing features, adding some new ones and generally making things nicer. So the question we get asked a lot is, “How much more will this cost?”

The answer is, “It won’t”. Our pricing plans for the Toshl Pro subscription will stay mostly as they are now:

1 month – $1.99

1 year – $19.99

3 years and the T-shirt – $59.99

As you can see the only change is with the 3 year plan, which is a little bit more expensive. We’re making swanky new designs for the T-shirts, with even better materials, T-shirt models for women and we hope to speed up the delivery in the future as well.


The discount system will remain in place as well, 5% discount for sharing on Twitter, 5% for Facebook and we’re adding 5% for Google+. Post on either two of those and it becomes a 20% discount.

What about existing Toshl Pro users?

Things will stay as they are, you will still have Toshl Pro and you’ll simply get apps with way better functionality once we release the new version. You already have Toshl Pro, so there will be no additional upgrade pricing. Thank you for your trust and patience!

Payment methods

We will keep the payment methods we have and add a bunch of new ones as well. You will still be able to upgrade with the in-app purchases on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. On the website we’ll continue to offer upgrades with credit cards and PayPal but with a friendlier interface for the former. We’ll also be adding AliPay, TenPay, bank transfers in the European Union countries, Amazon Payments, Paysafe card, UnionPay and, of course, Bitcoins.

Which new features will be in Toshl Pro?

Now you wouldn’t want to ruin a surprise, would you? ;)
Generally, some of the new things will be payable, some will be free right from the start and we will make some of the previous Pro features free as well. In general, both the free and Toshl Pro members will be a lot better off.
But most importantly, we’ll continue to strive to make Toshl Pro…
… more awesome than lightsaber wielding ninjas on unicorns!
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