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Toshl Advances to 1.7! Incomes, Sum Up, Monsters!

Making your finances easier to handle is what we love to do and today that got a lot easier. We’ve just released brand new versions of Toshl Finance on the Web, iPhone and Windows Phone. Toshl monsters are shy no more and they’ve brought tons of new features with them.

Toshl Finance has Incomes!


Finally! We’ve all been wanting this natural part of keeping personal finances for a long while and they’re finally here. They work just like budgets enter the number, tap the tag. done! Multiple and repeating monthly incomes are only available to those with Toshl Pro, though. The Toshl monsters have to eat something…

Add and edit for free on

It used to be available only to Toshl Pro users but now it’s free for all! Manage your finances on the phone while you’re out, do it with the comfort of a big screen and keyboard when you’re home.

Sum up

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just glance over your current financial state on one screen? That’s exactly what Sum up is for, plus there’s a cute monster to help you explain it all.


Expenses coming up in the future get a special treatment now and help you think ahead. All the repeating expenses are better marked too, so you’ll never be confused when they’ll be coming up.

Rollover budgets

You want to rollover the remaining budget funds into the next month? Budgets for all tags except the ones you don’t want? Your wish is our command.

My financial month & custom timespans

When you get your paycheck is when your financial month starts. You tell us when that is and we’ll adjust accordingly. If you want to see any date range in particular, no problem, set up a custom time span.

Toshl Pro

Get the best out of Toshl with multiple budgets, automatically repeating incomes, search on the web, more formats to export… Check out all the benefits! Plus you support the Toshl team so we can work on more stuff to make your life easier. Now it’s possible to pay directly with a credit card, with an in-app purchase on iOS as well as PayPal. Sign up for the 3 year plan and we’ll send you an awesome T-shirt too!

What about Android, Symbian^3, MeeGo?

Don’t worry, we’re hard at work updating the apps for all those platforms too. It will take us a bit longer, but we really want them to be properly done once you get them in your hands. Soon!

We love to hear from you

Do you have some comments about Toshl, ideas for improvements, bugs to report? Please let us know. We’re always trying to make Toshl work for you the best we can.

Warning from the Toshl Sarcasm Department: DO NOT download the Toshl Finance app, DO NOT log in to and whatever you don’t do, keep all of this a SECRET. ;)

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