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Toshl and WebOS

In the light of pessimistic news around WebOS ecosystem, Toshl also decides to move on.

A few hours ago, HP announced that it is pretty much decapitating WebOS platform for mobile phone/tablet devices. This came as a shock to the whole WebOS developer community, known for its stubborn support of this revolutionary OS. The Toshl team was shocked as well.

Toshl, known for its cross platform support, has been developing a version for WebOS since first Palm Pre days. You can still see some screenshots of Toshl for WebOS around the internet, even though the version was never released. During our WebOS development struggle, we received fantastic support from some Palm and later on HP individuals like Ben Ritmeyer, Peter Helm, Adela Gildo-Mazzon, Sean Lindo and many others, and we think nothing but the best of these individuals. They were just awesome. But unfortunately the lack of HP properly backing up the platform finally put a stop to Toshl WebOS development, even though we spent a substantial amount of energy and financial resources on it.

From today on, Toshl WebOS development will no longer exist and Toshl WebOS version will not see a public release. We would like to thank Palm and HP for giving us fantastic support, we would like to thank WebOS community for providing extremely useful coding information and we would like to thank all the WebOS fans for sending us emails of encouragement. We are really sad to say goodbye to WebOS, not only due to once-promising platform facts, but also due to just personal love Toshl team had for this niche platform.

Toshl WebOS concept design

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