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Toshl Finance 2.0 for Android

Today is the day! We have released Toshl Finance 2.0 for Android phones. It’s a huge update. The new app brings many new features and improvements. In fact, we’ve redesigned and rebuilt it from the ground up.


The first thing you’ll notice is the new visual style. While keeping with the Toshl aesthetic, it also blends much better with the newer Android OS style updates and feels like a genuine member of the Android ecosystem.

Among the features we’ve added are multiple financial accounts, adding of photos, locations, reminders, paid markers to expenses and incomes. We’re proud of our new data visualisations on Monthly overview, River flow, Budgets, Locations to name just a few. Budgets can now adjust automatically to your monthly incomes, the time periods for budgets can be completely customised and they play much nicer with other graphs.



You can add transfers between financial accounts, use a calculator for tips when adding an expense, sync works much better and faster… All the new improvements are truly too many to list, so better than reading this list, go and download the new Android app on Google Play.Get it on Google PlayWe have also introduced a much better structured system for categories, tags and accounts. We now suggest most of the categories and tags you’d ever need so you don’t have think up your own system if you don’t want to. But all of these are still fully customisable, if that’s what rocks your boat.

android_release3_540If you haven’t yet migrated your tags to the new system of categories and tags you can do so now. The migration wizard will start automatically when you open the mobile app after it has been updated to the new version. Keep in mind that you can also continue this migration or edit your categories at any time on the web app on in Expenses / Edit categories and tags. A few more options are available when editing on the web app.


With all the new features and improvements, it can take a little while to get used to everything and discover all the nifty new details. To help you with your exploration, we have prepared a whole set of tutorials to guide you.


Mobile app tutorials


Web app tutorials


Top 3 to get started

How to Set Up Your Finances

How to Set Up Your Budgets and Control Your Spending

Left to Spend – The Gist of Your Finances in 1 Number

*While the screenshots in the tutorials currently feature the iOS app, the functions work just the same and the interface is very similar. We’ll be adding many new tutorials with Android screenshots in the coming months as well.


In case some questions still go unanswered in the tutorials, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.

A big THANK YOU to everyone in the Toshl Beta community  who helped us Beta test the app in these final stages!

With the new 2.0 app we now have a new foundation to build on and will be able to add new features and improvements to the app more frequently than in the past. We have much in our plans and we’re already looking forward to the next steps on our Android roadmap.



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