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Toshl Finance for iPhone Out Now with Search, 165 Auto-refreshed Currencies, Improved Budgets and in 11 Languages

The new Toshl Finance for iOS has been confirmed and released on the App Store. We’ve added a lot of new features, fine-tuned existing ones and made the whole thing work faster. Just try tapping add expense for example. If the list of features seems familiar from the previous blog posts, it’s not a coincidence. We’ve now reached feature parity among the mobile apps we’re actively developing.


You can now search your expenses and incomes by tags, description, amount. Type it in, tap and there you go. If you’d like to search in longer periods of time, don’t forget to first change the timespan to “all time” or some timespan of that nature.

You can find the search on any expense/income list. Just scroll up a bit and you’ll find it hidden below the title bar.


Use ALL The Currencies 

We’ve made some big changes when it comes to handling foreign currencies. We previously had about 30 currencies pre-entered and with daily updated exchange rates. The rest could be added as a custom currency. Now we’ve greatly expanded that list. Toshl now supports¬†165 currencies with exchange rates updated daily. We’ve got everything from the Afghan Afgani to the Zimbabwean Dollar. There’s even support for Bitcoin (BTC) if you’re into virtual currencies and the thrilling sport of financial bubble surfing. If you still can’t find your currency on the list among all these, you can still use a custom currency. We dare you. ;)
As the list of currencies got a lot longer we’ve also added search through currencies as well as a nicer currency settings screen so it’s easy to differentiate between the currently active currency and your main currency. Best of all, these settings also sync with the web app now so you’ll never be caught with your pants down when trying to enter an expense during international travel. Unless that’s your thing.

Navigation improvements & facelift

You can now switch between the list of expenses by time and the list by tags using a neat little switch on the top of the list. You’ll find it right next to the search bar. We hope it will help people find and understand this switching more easily than before with the swiping between the two modes. We’ve also made the time span icon a bit more minimal and replaced the budget icon.



List of expenses included in the budget

Budgets are great to remind you where your money went, but sometimes you just want to go WTF?!, why is this budget so low already? Now you can check. In the budget details, you’ll find a list of included expenses enabling you to see exactly where that budget vanished to and which expenses are the culprits.

Improved budget history

Knowing how you did with a budget in the months before and where you should improve is also very important. We’ve improved the history view, made the list nicer, but most importantly, you can see the details of the budgets from the past. You can even see which expenses were included in them.

Budget history


At Toshl we have always aspired to treat citizens of the world equally and now we’ve taken a step further towards living up to our ideals. With your help we have localised the app into many different languages. The biggest thanks goes to the loyal users of Toshl who have helped to translate the app into their own languages.

Together we will continue to improve the translations, add some parts that are perhaps missing and bring new supported languages to the app. You can help out too by visiting There, we have set up a super simple translation interface, where you can fill in the blanks for your language, even if it is just a few sentences at a time.

From today on Toshl for iOS will be available in Chinese (China Рsimplified), Chinese (Taiwan Рtraditional), Czech, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian.

Sadly we are still unable to use Toshl on iOS in the Toshl team’s native Slovenian, since Apple still hasn’t started supporting the Slovenian language in iOS.

Some of the other translations are already in progress and hopefully, with your help, we’ll be able to publish them soon.


Performance optimisation & bug fixes

As always, we’ve worked on making Toshl Finance a lot quicker, stabler and error free. Some screens load a bit differently now. We’ve achieved significant improvements on the Add expense screen, especially on older devices. If you’re like us and compete with the credit card reader in shops to see if you can enter the expense faster than it can charge your card, this will greatly help with achieving victory every time.

Get Toshl Finance for iOS from the App Store

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