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Toshl Finance Joins 500 Startups

The Toshl team has been very busy lately, lifting our anchors and setting off for San Francisco and the Silicon Valley, while a few members stayed in Slovenia to guard the fort. We didn’t move just to collect some airline miles. Toshl has been joined the 500 Startups family.

500 Startups is a startup accelerator that brings together learning from the best people in the industry, an awesome co-working office space in the 12th floor heights of Mountain View, an investment, large discounts for startup services and most importantly the access to a network of top professionals and investors from the tech industry.

Another cool thing is we get to hang out, work and party with 25 other startups in this batch of the program. With so many great people around it’s easy to learn from one another and have a great time. Check out all the great teams from our batch.

We recorded a video of the current 500 Startups batch teams, because it’s fun acting silly for a change and because we’re shameless whores for press. The video is called The Funding Games, a parody on The Hunger Games movie with some geeky startup funding humour sprinkled all over. See it below. Right now! :)

How did we get into 500 Startups?
There is no official sign up process with an online application or anything like that, so the only way in is by getting referred to the 500 Startups team by someone in their network. We were fortunate to meet some really nice investors which referred us to Dave McClure and Christine Tsai, as well as startup founders which helped with our application.

What’s next?
We’re working in Mountain View and San Francisco until the end of July, innovating the hell out of Toshl. Demo day will also be coming up very soon. We’ve got some really nice things in our plans, think automatic tracking and bank data, but more on that once they’re ready to launch.

There’s a few news sites with a bit to say about Toshl and the current 500 Startups batch, check it out below.

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