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Toshl for Android 2.0.13 – Monstrous Festivus Edition

The holiday season is upon us. Saint Nicholas day has recently passed and I’m sure you’re getting your Festivus pole ready for the season. It will be 2017 before you know it, and with it, time again for some New Year’s resolutions to get your finances aligned with your lifestyle. Or vice versa.

The Toshl monsters are warming up nicely, getting ready to give you a hand. Both with assessing how 2016 went financially and how to plan for the future. After all, Toshl monsters are the ones who put the “ass” into “assess”.

Some larger Toshl surprises are in store, but first off, let’s see what’s new in the latest update of Toshl for Android that we released today.


2.0.13 improvements
– Added expense and income sums to navigation.
– Added launcher shortcuts on Pixel phones and devices with Android 7.1.
– Added the initial sync screen, so Toshl monsters greet you whence you first log into the app.
– Added accounts and financial months swiping hint and infinite accounts swiping. In other words, the months and accounts will wobble a bit when you open the sidebar, giving you a hint about how they work.
– Updated monsters for the holidays. Find a long list of expenses or incomes, scroll all the way down and say hello!
– Updated currency formatting. Whether the currency is left or right of the amount now depends on your system settings.
– Improved entries list loading performance.
– Fixed several crashes. Although we made an exception for Toshl monsters riding bumper cars. Those can still crash. Because it’s fun. But it’s in a different dimension, so you won’t notice.


As always, download the latest Toshl Finance update on Google Play.


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