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Toshl for WP7 is released. Finally

After weeks of waiting, we can now announce that Toshl in its purest form is now available for your handsome WP7 phone via your marketplace.

Expect fantastic usability, WP7 native look and feel with Toshl branded characters, icons and colours, and all the functionality we currently support:

  • adding expenses
  • tagging expenses
  • exporting
  • budgets
  • locking your app
  • multiple currencies with automatic or manual exchange rate
  • export functionality
  • repeating expenses
  • fancy splash screen
  • sounds :)

We really liked developing for WP7, even though a database support out of the box would be great, and faster rendering capabilities were expected. We experienced a lot of framerate dropping events when playing with bitmap graphics, so for those programming for WP7, be aware of that. But overall, it was a joy.

Toshl for Windows Phone 7

Keeping our users happy is our key focus, so we will continue polishing the current version, killing bugs and improving usability, and we should also introduce new functionality in near future. So, expect only the best from our WP7 version.

If you share our enthusiasm, please, rate the app, comment the app and tell your friends about it. Much obliged.

Toshl for Windows Phone 7. Published.

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