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Toshl is in Top 10 business apps in Ovi Stores! (updated)

We’re proud to announce that Toshl is now number one among the business applications for Symbian^3 in the the Ovi Store. We’re super excited about this and would like to thank you, people using Toshl, for your support and valuable feedback.

Update: Turns out we are not No. 1 in Ovi Stores everywhere. Ovi localizes the store based on the IP and we are only in the No. 1. spot in some of them. We are still in Top 10 in most of them though. I’m sorry for the mixup.

If you have a Nokia Symbian^3 phone and still haven’t installed it, wait no more, grab Toshl at the Ovi Store right now! It’s the leading business app on Ovi you know. ;)

It’s nice to introduce yourself, but… Sign in fix is here.
You might have noticed that the initial release of Toshl 1.6 for Symbian had an annoying bug for existing users, demanding that they sign in each time they opened the app. We’re sorry about that and we have submitted the fix right away. Luckily the update has now come through the Ovi Quality Assurance process. So with 1.6.1 the pesky sign in bug shall bother you no more!

Full speed ahead Scottie!
We’re also working on another update which will bring back the bigger and friendlier action buttons, make the interface faster, more responsive and address some minor bugs as well. We’ll be submitting it soon so stay tuned in the next few days.

We have also properly updated our Toshl for Nokia Symbian^3 features site, so you can tell your friends all about it and (hopefully) make them drool over the screenshots.

Nokia E7 with Toshl saving the Queen of EnglandIt sure seems that the Queen of England could use some help these days. Our best wishes to Londoners and hoping for a quick end to the riots from the Toshl team.

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