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Toshl on Windows phone 7 – not yet

Mantra of being available on as many platforms as possible is still our focus. We consider Windows phone 7 platform as one of the core ecosystems of mobile smart phone market and this obviously brings us to a promise: yes, we are already developing Toshl for WP7 and yes, we will deliver it very soon.

Toshl designers, usability experts and also programmers are extremely enthusiastic about the platform. Overall design concept of user interface of Windows phone 7 is unique, beautiful, easy to use… well, it’s just awesome, no matter what MS haters think. Development tools are also there, are very polished (as you might expect from MS) and overall programing is fairly fast and efficient, as long as you stay in the given course of supported functionality and UI creation. Of course, database support is not the best, but with some brainpower even this can be resolved.

With all this in mind, Windows phone 7 platform is a perfect fit for Toshl and it’s core values: ease of use, nice to look at, stable and efficient. We believe that once we are publicly available, Toshl will be the best overall expense tracker on WP7 platform and people will not only love it, but they will actually use it. And that is the biggest overall goal of Toshl and it’s creators. By using Toshl, people actually start realizing where the money is going and eventually save some of the hard earned dineros for a higher cause.

Even though Toshl WP7 is in development already, we are still accepting new ideas on what would make your lives with Toshl easier. If you have any, we would be thrilled to hear them.
Check out the sneak peek:

Toshl Finance on Windows Phone 7 preview

written by Andraž Logar, Toshl product owner.

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