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Toshl rocking the Silicon Valley

These are exciting times for Toshl. We’re on the cusp of releasing another major update with lots of awesome new features and part of the Toshl team is now in Silicon Valley, right in San Francisco to be more exact. Being the center of the tech universe that it is, this brings many new exciting opportunities and we’re just getting started.

We’re based in San Francisco in SOMA (South of the Market) and we’re loving the general vibe in San Francisco. The sort of openness and cooperation that you see here in the tech world is just amazing.

Toshl in San Francisco

We’re also always looking to expand our horizons, meet new and interesting people, collaborate and also advance Toshl to become the best and funnest manager of your financial life.

If you’d like to meet us, just send us an email or ping us on Twitter. There’s also a lot of events you can catch us at, see where we’re heading on Plancast.

We’ve only been here for a short time now but the experience is already proving invaluable. Getting the vibe of the tech & investment community here is something very different than back home and there’s no doubt, Toshl will be better for it.

Written by Matic Bitenc

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